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The Beginner’s Guide To Camping With The Kids


Camping with the kids is a great way to take some time out and get away from reality without breaking the bank. Camping is a fun activity which gets your family working together whilst having fun exploring the great outdoors.

Camping with the kids is not like camping trips that you have taken with your friends. When you’re with the kids, you can’t afford to risk making the kind of mistakes that you and your friends would simply laugh off after with beer. If your kids become uncomfortable, they will become miserable which won’t be much fun for anyone.

Preparing for your trip

Always plan ahead when camping with your family. It is important to pick out a campsite which has the appropriate facilities within walking distance of your tent. Taking your kids for a long walk to the toilet in the middle of the night could put a downer on your trip, particularly if your little ones are very young. Easy access to washing facilities are also important because your little ones are more prone to picking up bugs, so you need to ensure that everything is as clean as possible.

Look out for family friendly campsites. Many teens and young people also enjoy camping, so you may want to look for a campsite which specifically states that it is family friendly so you are not disturbed by partying at night time.

How do I choose the right tent for my family?

First things first, you will need a tent. Ensure that you have adequate space for every member of the family. Avoid buying a small tent in an attempt to save money. You will soon find that if you and your kids can’t sleep comfortably, your trip will be ruined.

When you see a “Sleeps 4 people” label, this actually only comfortably sleeps two people. Always buy a tent which sleeps double the amount of people to allow space for your bags. The number of people that a tent sleeps is based upon how many people can literally lie down in a tent. It does not take into consideration the fact that you will move in your sleep and that you will have your luggage.

There are many large tents with compartments which are ideal for families. Some of these large tents have several compartments which face inwards towards a central area for your family to congregate in at night time.

What are the essential items to take with me?

Along with your tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat, you will need to bring a torch for getting around in the dark and some kind of lamp to be used inside the tent. Wellies are vital for avoiding getting wet muddy feet during wet weather. Always bring plenty of bottled water to keep in your tent, you don’t know how far away the nearest shop will be. Bring plenty of things to entertain the kids such as games and books. Bring plenty of toilet roll because many campsites run out of this quite quickly.


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