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Student Fashion Tips: Shopping On A Budget


At university, most students experience budgeting everyday items for the first time. Your fridge no longer stocks itself and you suddenly come to realize how expensive everyday items like shampoo and washing powder can be.

Alongside budgeting the everyday essentials, for most students, a social life is a must. With your busy social life, you’ll find that you are constantly on the lookout for something new to wear for parties and nights out. However, due to your busy social life and scrimping to pay for your essentials, new clothes fall down in your list of priorities.

Buying clothes does not have to mean breaking the bank. There are plenty ways that you can get thrifty and save the pennies as you stock up your wardrobe.

Buy multi-functional clothes

Buy clothes which can be dressed up or down to become daytime or night-time outfits. For example, you could buy a skirt which is suitable for daytime wear when paired with a casual top which can also be dressed up at night time with a more elegant top. Many dresses can be converted from day to night with the use of accessories. Choose dresses that can be worn with tights and flat shoes during the day for a casual look, which also look great with a pair of heels and some jewellery for a night out.

Use accessories to change an outfit

Similar to the last tip, use accessories to transform an outfit. Changing your belt, necklace and shoes can instantly transform the look of an outfit, making it suitable for a number of different occasions.

Mend your damaged clothes

Avoid wasting clothes. Don’t throw clothes away which have holes in them or if they are slightly ripped. If you can’t sew, learn to sew and fix all of those items. Alternatively, why not get creative and up cycle your clothes? You could attach studs, ribbons or bows to your old clothes to give them a new look. You could cut your old trousers to make shorts or chop up your dresses to make new tops.

Avoid buying similar items

You can save a fortune by avoiding buying different versions of the same thing. If you already own a floral dress in a particular style, do you really need another floral dress in the same style? Try to add variety to your wardrobe rather than wasting money buying similar outfits.

Get into swapping

There are a number of online swap shops which allow people to trade their clothing. Alternatively, why not have a fun night in with friends where you all bring your unwanted clothing? This gives everyone the opportunity to update their wardrobe for free.

Make the most of online discounts

Many voucher code websites offer discounts off certain major high street retailers. You may also find that some high street retailers offer you the option to sign up to their newsletter. Always enter your email address because you will get sent discounts from time to time. Try signing up to cash back websites so you get a small percentage of your online spending back.

Sarah Fisher is a renowned author of all things fashion.


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