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Being A Minimalist Mom – What Baby Items Should You Keep?

It’s exciting and joyful to have a little one at home. Though there may be so many challenges involved in child care, nothing compares to the pleasure that you get from watching your baby grow and develop. One thing that you probably delight in is shopping for baby stuff. It is sometimes hard for all moms and dads to resist all the cute clothes on sale. Plus, buying so many toys and equipment, like swings and walkers, is also satisfying because you know that your baby is going to have fun with these. Before you know it, your child’s room is already bursting at the seams and there’s hardly room in her closet too. In order to make things more organized, you consider a more minimalist approach. Now, you dilemma is – what baby items do you keep and what do you let go?

car seat

It can be hard to part with things that you’re baby used because of the memories that these evoke. But if you are pressed for space, it is more prudent to let go of a few things. Below are a few matters that you should consider before making a decision.

1. Do you need the item for your next child?

If you are planning to have one or two more kids in a few years’ time, you might consider keeping a few things so that you won’t have to buy as much for your next baby. But you shouldn’t keep everything that your older child outgrows. Get rid of clothes and shoes that are already stained or worn. When it comes to baby equipment, what you should always remember is that safety standards change each year or so. So, the car seat that you’re using right now might not be as safe for your next baby, especially considering the wear and tear that it will undergo through time. Sometimes, it’s better to sell these and buy a new one later.

2. Did the item cost a lot?

There are times when you want to splurge on a few designer items for your baby. You can opt to hold on to branded items that you plan on using later for your next baby. These will make wonderful keepsakes too.

3. Can you easily replace it?

Some things can easily be replaced. There are other items, however, which are one-of-a-kind or are specially made for your baby. Such things are definitely worth keeping. Also, don’t let go of things that are harder to replace. This goes the same for your maternity clothes too. Put these in boxes or bags so that the next time that you get pregnant, you’ll have all the outfits that you need in the styles and colors that you prefer.

4. How much storage space do you have?

It is very important to assess the amount of storage space that you have. If you’re basement is cramped, then you might consider renting a self-storage unit. But then, you have to think about whether you can easily afford the monthly fee. All in all, you have to decide if renting a unit is worth it.

This blog post was written by Claire Kurt, a freelance blogger who often writes about her experiences as a parent.



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