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Should You Buy Your Children Designer Clothes?


There are many factors to consider when it comes to the topic of designer clothes for children. Whilst it is ultimately a personal choice for the individual, there are moral, social and ethical questions that are worth discussing. Here we look at these in more detail…

Peer Pressure

Parents often worry about the types of peer pressure that their child will be under, as this can often lead to stress. Often this pressure can come from a desire to have the same attire as their contemporaries, which can often include designer labels. Thus one may feel pressure to buy these labels from children themselves, rather than making the decision out of parental choice. The question is should you cave in and acquiesce to your child (s) requests? Again this is down to individual choice however unless you can afford to purchase designer clothes it is probably not a good decision to do so otherwise.

Expensive to replace

Children grow out of clothing and footwear very quickly when they are young and it is important to remember that buying designer clothing each time can be expensive. Children should also be taught to treat these items with respect, and to make the items last as long as possible. With the rise in cheap imports some have argued that there is now a ‘throw away’ culture emerging where clothes are bought once or twice and then discarded, as they are now so much cheaper to replace. One could argue that buying high quality designer clothes could potentially help to counter-act this.


Children are a huge audience for advertising on video games and television programmes. They often get brainwashed with the adverts and want to be wearing the labels that they see advertised. Television is providing children with information about designer labels, and is also used to drive them to asking their parents for these items. Of course as adults we should be less susceptible to these marketing messages but for children is likely to be more difficult. So always be aware that often children want things based purely on the advertising, rather than genuine desire.

Making children happy

Children can easily become obsessed with one idea or another, and parents will often placate their children by buying them what they want. However whilst it is nice to treat your children, simply buying them everything they ever ask for will make them less respectful in the future, leading them to the assumption of “I want, I get”.

Children like to play

Depending on their age, children often play around in all sorts of environments such as in the sand, mud and water. They may also use paint and marker pens that can leave hard to remove stains on their clothing. This isn’t such a problem when you are buying children cheaper clothing, but if you buy them designer labels such as Weekend Offender, then you can quickly find that this more expensive clothing will be ruined.


Advertising is very powerful medium that has led our society to believe in brands, and to trust these brand names more and more. When it comes to designer clothing brands, most of the advertising is aimed towards adults. However the market for kid’s designer clothes has grown rapidly over the past twenty years with many major labels offering their own kids collections. However the higher prices of these goods, coupled with their potential social impact has left some parents unsure as to whether buying designer clothes is a good idea.


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