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HowYou Can Help Your Teen Find Their Style

chanel-iman-it-girl-survival-kitsBeing a teenager isn’t easy these days. The pressure on young people is mounting and it is no wonder that many of them are feeling the heat. Being a teen is also the time to start finding your own way in the world and the time to find out who you really are.

Instead of getting worried about your teen walking around like a goth one day or like a gangster, you should try to help them find their own style.

Encourage Experimenting

The key thing is to keep your cool when your teenager is experimenting with fashion. You might not like the neon yellow eye shadow but for your teen it might be the one thing that makes them feel confident.

Of course you are allowed to express your opinion in a nice and polite way to show that people don’t need to agree on fashion in order to get along.

A good idea is to try and engage them in a conversation about their style and what is driving them to look the way they do. Don’t judge but listen and be supportive.

If they are going through a vintage phase you can even ask if they want to see if your old clothes could help make their style even better.

Provide Them With Tips

Instead of trying to change what your teen is wearing or forbidding them from wearing certain items you should provide them with subtle tips. Even if your teen is a goth, for example, you can still let them know about the importance of wearing clothes that suit your body type and fit properly.

Give them clothes that they want instead of forcing your own opinion on them. With conversation about how to use fashion and dress accordingly you are allowing them to keep their identity while still providing helpful information.

Family Share has an excellent guide to help you tell the four F’s of fashion to your teen. No matter what their style they should aim to consider function, fit, flair and flexibility. The key is for them to keep their style while still dressing accordingly.

preppy2010Explore Fashion Together

A good idea is to start exploring fashion together and help your teen build up that unique style. Browse through different online catalogs and see what really looks good to their eyes. Again, let your teen tell you what they are about and don’t try to turn them into a pop princes if they would rather be rock’n’roll.

There are so many online stores selling urban clothing, street clothing, gothic clothing and so on. You will surely find something for your teen in these outlets, such as J-Bees.

The key thing is that you teach teens the importance of clothes in showing their personality and making them feel confident.

You need to keep in mind that the things your teen is going through aren’t easy and fashion might be something that can help them feel confident, no matter how low the pants are hanging. Most likely in a few years they will be wearing something completely different and can then be proud that their mum stood by them in their fashion decisions.

Luise is a mother of three who wants to help other mums face the challenges that parenthood can bring. She is keen on finding new information to ensure her family stays healthy and happy. She is also a big fan of painting and is the most relaxed with a paintbrush in her hand.


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