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How Parents Can Build Self Confidence In Their Children


As a parent, you want the very best for your children, and there is nothing more important than the way they feel about themselves and how they conduct themselves in life. Self confidence is said by many psychologists to be the foundation of the well being of a child.

It is also very important for the development of the child, and it will lead to the level of success that the child achieves. Self confidence will determine the goals and ambitions that a child will choose and pursue.

This article will cover a number of ways in which parents can help to build self confidence in their children.

Be a positive influence

The interaction between parents and their children is highly influential on the self confidence of the child. Showing interest in the activities of your child, and making encouraging comments will have a major impact on building self confidence. The impact on the self image of the child is very important, and positive influences will help immensely.

Congratulate your child on success

If your child completes a school assignment, wins a race at school or creates a painting, then it is a good time to congratulate him. This is an emotional reward for the work that has been completed, and it will give the child confidence that he/ she is worthy of praise.

Be responsive

Parents who are distant from their children are not able to build self confidence in them. This does not mean that you should spoil your children, but you should certainly respond to their sensible questions. This will demonstrate that rational answers can be found in the world, and that a sense of certainty is possible. This goes a long way to building self confidence in the power of their ability to judge and deal with the real world.

Play with your children

When you spend time with your children and join in with games, they build confidence in themselves. This will build a sense of connectedness, and it will help children to see that they deal with adults.

Explain consequences

The consequences for various actions should be explained to children so they are clear about the right and wrong course of action. This is a very important aspect of the world that children can deal with, and should not be prevented from understanding. When children realize that hard work and the right actions lead to praise, success and understanding of the world, they will build self confidence and self esteem. It is very important to start building self esteem at the earlier stage.

However, it is also important that you explain why certain actions are wrong and are not tolerated. Giving children boundaries and standards to uphold make the context clear to them. It will teach them how to cope in the world as they grow up and they will learn how to deal with different situations, without taking anything personally.

These methods of building self confidence in children are all very important. They will help to develop a child that you will be proud of.


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