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Benefits Of Gymnastics For Kids

Gabby-DouglasAccording to the Center for Disease Control, obesity is a serious health concern for many children and adolescents. This is a great issue for most parents because children are becoming more and more inactive especially in this generation. The popularity of computers, tablets, and video games among young kids has diminished their appetite for outdoor activities such as riding bikes and playing at the park.

To get your children to become physically active, one fun and save way to engage them is through gymnastics. Besides physical benefits, there are also other skills that they will reap from this sport from socialization skills to life skills to basics that can improve their performance on sports as they grow older.

Physical Fitness

Children exercise with fun through gymnastics, which in turn, will benefit them with regard to body weight, blood pressure, and bone strength. Being physically active at an early age will enhance children’s body awareness, agility, strength, balance, coordination, and speed. Their bodies will improve as they swing on a bar, jump on a trampoline, or climb a rope as part of gymnastics exercise routines. Encourage children to engage in sports as active children are more likely to stay active throughout adolescence and even adulthood. And even if the child chooses to do a different sport later in life, there are many skills in gymnastics that he can adapt and take advantage of.


Meeting new friends and coaches helps to lower children’s dependence on their parents as they are exposed to a new environment besides their home. They learn to follow directions from other mentors beside their parents, which can help them when they attend formal schooling. Being sociable and making new friends will also become innate to them as they get used to being around people.

Following Directions

Children learn to follow directions as the coaches instruct them on their routines repeatedly. They become more physically and mentally aware as they develop their agility and energy. Consequently, children’s confidence is positively affected as they hear compliments and encouragements from their coaches and peers.

Academic Achievement

Gymnastics is a sport that will not only utilize the body, but also the brain. Research shows that there is a strong correlation between physically fit children and academic achievement. As children take gymnastics lessons, their activities encourage healthy brain function and strengthen the nerve cells in the brain.

Social Benefits

At an early age, children learn to participate in class and to work with their peers, which make them more outgoing as they grow older.

At the ages of 3 and 4 years old, children can already enroll for gymnastics classes for preschoolers where introductory, age-appropriate skills are taught using equipment that are just right for their size. Gymnastics coaches will gently train the children to develop their strength and flexibility on a low bar, little balance beam, little parallel bars, mats, trampoline, and other floor exercises that children will enjoy.

I hope these reasons have convinced you to enroll your children in gymnastics classes. Have a look at different gymnastics equipment from Nimble Sports, and find out what it takes to make your child a gymnastics star!

Mike Hall is a contributing blogger for Nimble Sports.


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