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5 Ways To Recycle Your Designer Greeting Cards

You’ve had your birthday, engagement or an anniversary and now you’re left with a pile of designer greeting cards from friends and loved ones … So what do you do? Keep them? Throw them away?

At Piccadilly Lane we love sharing the best greeting cards from our favorite designers, and think they’re an ideal item to recycle and reuse. With this in mind we’ve come up with five simple and easy ways you can recycle your designer greeting cards.

1. Make Your Own Gift Tags:

An oldie but a goodie to get you into the recycling frame of mind! The front design is often left blank on the reverse making it the perfect gift tag. Simply cut to shape, punch a hole and thread with twine or ribbon.


To be really useful a gift tag needs to be big enough for a ‘to’ and ‘from’ at the very least. Try to choose a card with a large image set within a basic shape making it big enough to be a gift tag and simple to cut into shape.

2. Frame Your Cards:

Many greeting cards are little works of art in their own right created by highly skilled designers and illustrators. Unlike traditional art you’ll also have the memory & relationship of the original card. A Personal memento with great typography, a Megan Claire designer greeting card is a perfect example of a card you will want to frame and keep. Megan Claire Card with Details


Due to their size, framed greeting cards are great for small spaces or group a collection together for a dramatic feature wall.

3. Make Your Own Arts & Crafts:

Those of you with a little more artistic flair can go one step further and recycle your designer greeting cards into your own original art or craft pieces. Simply cut out your favorite elements from one or several greeting cards for decoupage or collage projects.


Big or small decorative elements from greeting cards can be recycled into an endless number of creative projects. Large elements are great for wall art, while smaller card details are ideal for setting in resin for handmade jewellery.

4. Character Standees for Kids:

Keep the kids occupied on long weekends and school holidays with their own creative project. Greeting cards with cute characters or animals are a great way to bring a story or game to life. Cut out your favorite characters and glue a right-angled strip of blank card to the reverse for a mini standee. This cute giraffe card from Blueberry Street is a brilliant size to make an animal standee, collect together a group of different animals and you could have your very own cardboard zoo!
Blueberry Street - Colourful giraffe


Be sure to supervise young children with scissors and glue at all times.

5. Craft Your Own Bunting:

Designer greeting cards with pretty surface pattern designs, such as this beautiful floral card from Studio Seed is perfect for making your own bunting. Simply collect together a selection of your favorite patterned cards, cut into triangles and attach to a length of twine or ribbon.

Studio Seed Floral Card


Choose cards with bright or bold patterns that will be look good from a distance and be visible when you come to hang your bunting.

These five ideas are just a few ways to recycle your leftover cards. Hopefully they have got you into a creative mindset and you’ll be able to transform your designer greeting cards into something new and exciting to treasure.

Anisha works alongside Piccadilly Lane, when she isn’t using her creative skills to make bracelets, she is busy coming up with ideas for her next creative project.



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