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10 Reasons Video Games Are Harmful To Kids


The thought of video games being bad for kids comes up a lot and can even be a bit annoying. As a parent, I realize how much my kids love these games. I’m a grown mad and can admit that I also love these games. Technology is making these games so fun to play with all the virtual gadgets and high-definition results.

I have decided to take a step outside of my “cool dad” persona and really take a look at the damage these games might be causing for kids. I want to stress the fact that I am a 28-year-old male that usually gets named as the “easy-going” parent. I’m getting serious on this topic and plan to give a down to earth reply on the fact of these games being harmful or not. Let’s get started with the top 10 reasons why video games are bad for kids.

1. Lack of Activity

“Billy has been playing that game for 4 hours now! What should we do?” Parents everywhere are complaining that their kids are spending too much time inside playing video games. This is the #1 killer of video games on kids. It truly is bad however you look at it. Unless you give it a good twist like.. “He could be out using drugs or stealing cars.”

2. Graphic Scenes

Most of the coolest video games available involve killing people or slaying dragons in a violent matter. Why is that? Do these games have to be super violent to attract us as an audience? I think they are fun because we aren’t allowed to do these horrible things in real life. And when I can steak a car and drive 200 mph in a high-speed chase.. it really drives my adrenaline up. It’s simple to understand why they are fun for me. But maybe because I’m a Middle Aged male, that makes it unfair for me to say. It seems to be the 52-year-old moms that have issues. Not to stereotype, but I’m just trying to look at all aspects here to even out the argument.

3. Expensive

These gaming consoles and games are not cheap. Some of the more popular games that are released usually cost $60 U.S. dollars. For the average family in these hard times, that’s a lot of money to just throw down on a single video game. My son will personally consult with his friends back and forth how much these new games cost and the release dates of them. It’s a pretty serious topic for them and they are willing to do chores to earn this money. I wouldn’t say the kids are money hungry but instead it’s all revolved around getting the games. Prices are very expensive and easily can’t be afforded by most families.

4. Jealousy of Others

In history, there has been a lot of controversy revolving around kids getting these video games. Huge fights at school and so forth. I compare it to the analogy of prison mates fighting over drugs. It can very easily add lots of aggression and fighting for our kids. My son has gotten into fights regarding “trades” for games that I had no idea my son would attempt. Apparently, another boy and himself were doing a trade and he got stood up and went home with nothing. They two started fighting over the issue.

5. Loss of Time

6. Addicting x10

7. Social Skills

8. Mature Levels

9. Killing & Violence

10. Nature Deprived

My verdict on this case of virtual games being harmful to kids is confirmed as a yes. My son alone has been confronted as “in trouble” at school and daycare revolving around issues of video games. I had no idea how much these games mean to him and I had to step in and dilute the use of them. I believe in the old school methods of parenting and the importance of kids playing outside like they did 30 years ago. I wouldn’t say video games are all bad but they can easily become a main distraction for out kids that’s not needed and they are highly addictive.

I will continuing this article into a series two just because further research needs to be done. As of now, video games are being on a quota system in our household due to problems occurring with them.

Author Kris Volber is looking for the truth in these stories of life. Where does there need to be more attention put forth?



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