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How To Do Your Christmas Shopping Differently This Year


Christmas shopping.

Those two words are enough to strike fear into people the world over, whether they’re parents or shopping for their partner or other relatives. Even buying something funny yet non-offensive and non-suggestive for a ‘Secret Santa’ around the office can bring even the most hardened shoppers to their knees.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. One feature of Christmas shopping is that we always promise ourselves we’ll do it differently next year, only we never do. Still, you have plenty of time to make sure you do make a change for 2013; here’s what you should be thinking about.

Start Now

Even if all you do is think about one thing you could buy for everyone, it is a start. All of the people who find themselves panic buying only have themselves to blame.

If you find yourself thinking you have no idea what to buy someone, then you haven’t been listening to those close to you for the last year.

People always betray the things they like during conversations, and you’ll find out enough to start thinking about what you need to buy.

If you have no ideas to start with, then checking out a person’s social media feed is often a good place to look.

Look Past the Usual

We all have our favorite places to look for gifts, and continue to use them year after year. However, this approach is likely to be costing you money as well as closing your mind to some of the brilliant gifts that are available elsewhere.

If you normally go to the shops and endure that stressful experience, it is perhaps time to start shopping online, whether you’re looking for traditional A Girl for All Time dolls for girls or want to stick to somewhere like Debenhams for boys action figures.

Whatever you decide, think about the things that have caused you so much stress in the past, and forget about them. Do you really want to be running around a store on Christmas Eve still not knowing what to buy?

Avoid it Altogether

Okay, so this isn’t really a way to approach your Christmas shopping differently this year, but it is a way to reduce your stress levels massively and actually give gifts that you’ve thought about.

For extended family members and friends, forget about buying Christmas presents. Instead, why not make their presents? This can be something like customized jewellery, but your best option is to make your own jam or something similar.

If you think that might make you seem a bit cheap, consider this; the market for homemade products, especially as gifts, is huge, so you could give something like this without even letting slip where it came from, until they tell you how much they loved it and want to know where you found it!

Shopping Smarter

Know that Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Make it easier by having a plan and thinking about what you’re going to do. Do it differently, and sit back and laugh while the panic buyers are fighting in the aisles in the week before Christmas.

Jason hates Christmas shopping and always ensures he has it done by the end of October every year. He has many friends who are unorganized and ask for help in the middle of December, and while he does what he can he cannot believe they still haven’t learned their lesson.



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