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The Big Guide To Perfect Christmas Gifts For Little Boys


Is it really that time of year again? Surely not you’re all thinking, but yes Christmas is just around the corner. It seems as if it was only last week we were rejoicing that it was shorts and shades weather but once again we’re unfolding our jumpers and mentally preparing ourselves for the Christmas festivities.

We may recoil at the thoughts of Christmas jumpers and the aftermath of maybe drinking and eating too much but before all that we have the diabolical struggle to figure out what to buy the “little ones”. However, don’t panic as this handy guide will help you this Christmas time to find the perfect gift for little boys.


A scooter is certainly a gift that any little boy will be grateful to unwrap at Christmas time. Scooters are perfect for getting children active and getting them to socialise with others who share the same interests as them. Whether your child is a beginner or a little bit of an expert on a scooter, it will make a great present which won’t be soon forgotten.


What little boy doesn’t love Lego? Lego is an inexpensive treat which will keep any little boy entertained for hours, simply watch him build and discover new, bigger and greater Lego designs as he sits there and plays for hours. Just make sure to appreciate his sculptures before he knocks them all down again!


We all remember owning a Furby when we were younger, but as of late they’ve had a whole new redesign bringing them into the 21st Century. Furby’s make excellent presents if you’re not ready for your child to have their first pet, it gives your child a chance to learn to look after something even if it is made out of faux fur and plastic! Teach your Furby to talk and feed it when it’s hungry and watch it become a part of the family.

Remote Controlled Car

A car is the ultimate boy’s toy, however your little man may be a little bit too young for a car at the moment! A remote control car is ideal for keep your little one busy for hours, watch him play and learn how to control the car in and around your house. It will also give him an opportunity to have fun building ramps and tunnels for him to tackle with his remote controlled car.

Board Game

Every child should own their fair share of board games especially Monopoly! Whether it’s a themed Monopoly set like Star Wars or you buy the original board you can guarantee that hours of fun will be had with all the family or his little friends. Teach him the rules and let him be the banker, it will not only provide great fun but it is also a great chance for him to learn!


Let your little one get creative with the old fashioned favorite which is Play Doh – I mean we all remember the smell of it don’t we? Watch him mold and build things with this classic toy, you can also purchase themed Play Doh sets where you can build amazing things like colorful ice creams (non-edible I’m afraid) and cars!

So don’t get in a panic this Christmas time when it comes to getting your little one the perfect Christmas present, and always remember it’s the thought that counts!


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