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Top Reasons Why Teens Rebel And Land In Juvie Hall

teenage woesThere are so many things that can break a parent’s heart, and one of the most painful heartaches is when a good teen goes bad. You treat and pamper all your children the same way, and yet, one of them turned out to be rebellious. He is not respecting your home rules, and he is even starting to test his boundaries when it comes to the law. He is going around with a bad crowd, and it has gotten him into petty crimes such as shoplifting, drugs, alcohol, etc. You are worried that your son will be apprehended by the police, charged with a crime, and sent to juvie hall. You try to understand your teen and why he is acting and behaving this way, but he refuses to even open up to you. So, what makes him act this way?

Poverty and Low Socioeconomic Status

One of the top reasons why teens rebel is because of poverty and low socioeconomic status. They want what their more privileged peers have – new gadgets, new personal computer, jewelries, branded clothes and shoes, etc. However, because of poverty and the fact that their parents cannot give these items to them, they begin resenting their financial status and rebel. Some resort to petty crimes, stealing and shoplifting from stores. Some resort to selling drugs, so they can purchase the gadgets. They do what they can to keep themselves in style and up to date with the latest trends.

Parenting Style and Family Environment

Another reason for teen delinquency is the parenting style of their parents. Parents that are very permissive and passive when it comes to parenting oftentimes have rebellious children. They do not monitor their teen’s activities; they turn a blind eye whenever their teen commits a wrongdoing, thinking it is simply a phase that will pass; and they do not enforce any consequence-based discipline. All of these can either make the teen crave for their parents’ attentions or think they are invincible. After all, they are getting away with petty crimes.

On the other hand, some teens also rebel against their parents who are too strict and too controlling. Teens do love to explore and have fun. They want to experience new things, try new activities, spend time with their friends, socialize with new people, and simply enjoy their teenage years. The more their parents control them, the more they resent their parents, and the more they rebel against their parents’ control.

Family environment also affects how teens develop. Parents who fight all the time, parents who abuse and neglect their children, parents who are addicted to alcohol and drugs, parents who are in and out of prison, parents who deal in illegal things – all these can make a good teen go bad.

Mental Illness and Conduct Disorder

Another risk factor for teens rebelling is mental illness as well conduct disorder. These psychological disorders can affect a teen’s behavior. It can make them more aggressive, thus, the constant fights. It affects their brain and how they respond to their environment, thus the different response to an otherwise normal stimulus.

You need to help your rebellious teen as soon as possible. You do not want him to land in a juvenile detention facility. If he is already in trouble with the police, then get him a lawyer who can help him avoid spending time in juvie hall.

Jennifer Dae is a freelance article writer for parenting blogs. She mostly writes about problematic teens and how you can help them. If you have a teen who is in trouble with the law, she recommends getting a lawyer to help him, such as The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates.


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