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Getting Your Kids To Write Letters To Santa


Writing letters to Santa can be a great way for the kids to practice their writing and get creative, particularly since lots of children don’t enjoy writing at a young age. Your kids will love the idea of writing a letter to Santa Claus, especially if they think they’re going to get a reply or they’ll receive all the gifts they’ve asked for. Tell them that Santa can’t promise to give them every single thing they want, but that he’ll definitely reply to their letters. You could write letters from Santa yourself to give to your kids, or use a service which will send personalized letters to them.

1) Writing A Letter

First of all, get your kids to love the idea of writing a letter to Santa. Tell them all the great things, such as the reply, the gifts on Christmas morning and that Santa will love reading their letters. Get them to write a bit about themselves too, and perhaps even write a story for Santa about his reindeer and Lapland. You could even get them to decorate it nicely with Christmas stickers or drawings that they’ve created.

Children really love this part so make sure you make a big deal out of it. One idea is to set up the table with lots of pens, glitter and other decorations. You and your children could all sit around the table and work on the letters together. It’s a lovely way to spend the day and make sure that everyone gets involved.

2) Getting A Reply

Secondly, make sure you’ve decided how you’re going to get replies from Santa to them. You might like to write the replies yourself and send them in the post to your own house so they think the letters have been sent from somewhere else. Alternatively, you can order letters from Santa to be sent to your home on a certain day. This is the better option if you want less hassle, and these letters will come on printed paper looking as if they’ve really been sent from Santa Claus! Make sure you get your kids to keep them, and then they’ll be able to look at them and read them in later years!

3) Don’t Leave It Too Late

If you are going to get a company to send the letters to your children then you need to do this in plenty of time. Remember that these companies will be very busy at this time of year and the postal service is likely to be slow. The last thing you want is your child to be disappointed because they haven’t had a reply from Father Christmas.

Don’t worry about letters from Santa costing a fortune because websites such as Lapland Mailroom offer some really affordable options. On top of that their letters come with a whole heap of goodies for your child to enjoy. They will be so excited that Santa has replied and sent them some gifts, the cost of getting a card delivered will be well worth it when you see the smile and excitement on their face.

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