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The 9 Strangest Toothpaste Flavors In The World

weird-toothpaste-flavors-05From curry to bacon to scotch flavors, if you want to switch up your dental routine and try sometime new when you scrub your teeth next, odd options abound. Find yourself tiring of the same old minty freshness? Perhaps one of these strange toothpaste flavors from around the globe will strike your fancy.


If dills and sweets are where you find joy, then this radical departure from good old mint will tingle your taste buds. From those kooky folks over at Neatorama ( a bookmark-worthy read in any case), comes this briny sensation to add to your bathroom counter.


Tom’s of Maine, purveyors of many distinct flavors of all-natural toothpastes, including strawberry for children, comes a couple of fennel flavored options for those who dig that anise like flavor.  Available without fluoride, for those who choose it that way, these herbal-tasting pastes help fight plaque and give you a unique flavor to enjoy,


From those wacky minds over at Archie McPhee in Seattle, Washington, comes this smoky and porky toothpaste. Made for those who just can’t get enough of that fatty bacon flavor and for a special occasion like International Bacon Day it’s ideal for folks who find actually brushing with a piece of whole bacon tricky.


It turns out that one of the substances occurring in chocolate naturally can actually help polish and clean your teeth, according to toothpaste marketed by Theodent. Their offerings use a natural extract from the cocoa bean, and the kids’ version of this dental delight even has a chocolaty flavor.


Alas, this one is no longer made, but if you’re from the era of the 50s and 60’s you might recall Poytner Products’ toothpaste which was made in Bourbon and Scotch flavors and which really did contain alcohol (it was 6 proof or 3% of the tipsy liquor). Though a novelty item, this fad sold well, and you can still find tubes for sale on places like eBay.


The Japanese based company Margaret Josefin is said to offer 32 flavors of toothpaste and one their strangest is the Indian Curry variety. Supposedly containing flavor profiles like cinnamon and clove, this one is for all those curry loving peeps who want their teeth to taste like the best Indian food life has to offer.


If your children like their toothpaste fruity, Jack N’ Jill makes a blueberry flavored option with the added benefit of organic calendula to soothe their gums. This option is also rich in xylitol; too, meaning it both tastes sweet and is good for teeth.


This offering from Marvis, made in Italy, has floral undertones and is slightly sweet with some mint to it. Though it helps with tartar and plaque it may also remind you of fluffy white rice or your great aunt’s perfume.


Pine toothpaste is evidently like brushing your teeth with Christmas, with its fresh, piney taste that leaves your whole mouth clean and feeling like bright green forest. This flavor is evidently very popular in the Korea, where it is produced.

All these toothpastes can help make sure you get that toothbrush in your mouth more. “One should try to make sure toothpaste has fluoride, and if possible, the ADA seal.” say the dentists at South Waterfront Dental, a local Portland, OR dentist. Though with these novelty toothpastes, that can hard, so bruising twice a day with the right method is also a great way to make sure cavities do not spoil your day.

E.H. Rossman is Portland, Oregon based health and travel writer. He prefers his toothpaste plain.


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