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Why My Halloween Sucked This Year


I’m in the sixth grade and there’s no wearing costumes and no half days like at the elementary school. And, my school is having a Halloween party this week! WHAT!!! But that’s not the worst part. It rained where I lived so that ruined trick or treating, instead we attended an inside event at my friend’s school with her dad and my mom. I thought that would be cool, but boy I didn’t know what was in store for us.

When we got there it was super packed! We didn’t think there would be that many people so we were really shocked. We got in line which started from outside and it was still raining. WHY! When we finally got inside it was also packed. There were definitely more than 100 people. Everyone was crammed into each other. My mom thought a lot of people came because it was raining. Thanks goodness I wasn’t claustrophobic! Some people decided to leave. I would have left too if I could drive and had the car keys.

Some adults even had the nerve to cut a whole bunch of kids, including me. People were cussing at other people because they were cutting in front of them. People can be so rude! Plus, the way they had people getting in was just terrible. There was only one door opened and people were rushing to get in so at one point they had to close the doors. REALLY!! I was so happy when we finally got in, but it didn’t get much better. The way they were giving out the candy was weird. We had to wait outside of the line for about 30 more minutes, then we finally got into the candy line, got a small amount of candy and we left. We were there for two hours!!!!

My mom was upset that she even bought my costume! Then we went to my granny’s house and then went home. I was really wiped out. As soon as I got into my bed I fell asleep.

I hope next Halloween is 10x times better!


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