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10 Real Life Super Heroes

Batman, Ironman, Wonder woman and Captain America. Or, try Captain Australia. These are just some of the alter egos of some of the latest heroes risking their lives on our streets. No, they aren’t law enforcement; they are trying to become role models by keeping citizens safe. Real life super hero work can be tricky. There are an estimated 200 masked crime fighters patrolling our cities. They have been injured while on duty, such as Knight Warrior in Sal ford, England who gave up his capers after being punched in the face.

The Ten Superheroes

Mr. Xtreme– Being a survivor of violent crime himself, Mr. X treme and his fellow superheroes in his band Xtreme Justice League are committed to fighting crime in the city of San Diego, California. Body armor and pinhole goggles adorn his face as he clears the streets of crime.

Angle Grinder Man- If you find yourself with a boot on your tire in Kent, UK, you may see a light blue leotard and a gold mask and boots. He will liberate you and your vehicle from this sticky situation.

Superbario– An advocate for tenant rights, Marco Rascon Cordova in his cape based on the hero character El Santo seen in old Spanish wrestling movies.

Captain Australia- In Brisbane, Australia, you can simply shine an @ symbol in to the air for help. His costume is based on the “Kick-Ass” comic book and movie includes a flashlight and a cell phone. His accolades include knowledge of counter insurgency, hostage negotiation, and criminal psychology, but he is afraid of heights.

Crimson Fist – A helper of the homeless, Crimson Fist will only fight crime when necessary. When he’s not working as an IT programmer, the five foot six inch superhero dons a white and red costume with a red mask.  He distributes food and water to the homeless in Atlanta, Georgia.

Menganno – In Buenos Aires a Joe Blow in Spanish aka Oscar Lefosse, patrols the streets with full body armor. A retired cop, 43 year old Lefosse was charged with carrying an unlicensed gun. He says he will continue fighting crime himself despite the charge.

Lion Heart- In war torn Liberia, where people have to flee their homes during attacks, Lion Heart became an advocate for those without clean drinking water. He is an outreach worker and educator spreading knowledge about sanitation and health.

Petoskey Batman – Mark Wayne Williams is known for patrolling the streets of Petosky every night dressed as Batman including the mask, cape and utility belt. Williams has been arrested several  times for illegal weaponry and charged with resisting and obstruction. He was sentenced to six months probation.

Master Legend- Master legend is a super hero who wears a cape and a mask to protect his identity and patrols the streets of Orlando, Florida. Along with his friends, the justice Crusaders, he fights to keep the city safe for the elderly and low income families and the homeless. In 2009 he founded Team Justice Inc. the first non- profit organization for real life toy drives and other humanitarian causes.

Phoenix Jones– Rain City Superhero Movement fights crime in Seattle with cell phones, batons. The Batman-esque costume with gold overlay swoops in to save the day. He is a Special Education teacher and father of two.

The most favorite comic book characters are Superman Batman and Spiderman. When it comes to the most well known superhero in America, its Phoenix Jones.  Vigilantes risk their lives and the job isn’t always legal or safe but we love a hero in America

Donna Lee is am geriatric nurse, after 16 years of caring for the elderly she has started DearJane to address some of the missing pieces in the marker. She writes on this and a lot more on her blog. So please visit her there if you would like to connect.



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