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Christmas Decorations On A Budget

christmas decorations

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Thanksgiving is not over but Christmas is getting a jump-start this year. Christmas decorations can be seen in almost every store and many people are already thinking about the Christmas presents and the Christmas decorations they need to make and or buy.

With all the beautiful, colorful, and sparkly decorations it can become depressing for those who do not have the money to decorate the way they want to. How can one decorate a house for Christmas in a fun and fashionable way while staying on a budget? Follow these simple tips, tricks, and ideas in order to find out:

Use Colored Paper

The decorations that can be made from colored paper are endless. As an activity to do with kids you can make Christmas ornaments with construction paper. Simply type in “colored paper Christmas ornaments” into Google images to spark some ideas on what shapes and sizes your ornaments can be.

You can also make paper chains. Practically everyone has heard of these. Take 25 stripes of construction paper to make the chain and tear off a circle every day until Christmas arrives. This is a decoration and activity that kids will love.

Try Different Stores

It’s good to see a store’s competition before deciding on a solid price. If you check the prices on one store and compare it another is one solution to saving money. There are many stores with the same products that are marked higher or lower in price. This is one effective way that brings results. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll save and how prices vary from store to store. And if you go store to store you might get worn out and not think the item is worth buying. This could be helpful or frustrating. If you really want or need this item then you’ll eventually get it. You’ll find it for an affordable price. But if you suddenly give up hunting for the best price, it’s a clear indication that you don’t need it.

Get Expensive Ideas then Brainstorm for Cheaper Alternatives

Walking through Macy’s or Nordstrom around Christmas can be exciting and wonderful. But let’s be honest, no one ever wants to look at the price. With these few ideas you won’t have to be afraid of prices. If your pockets are empty but you still want the Macy’s look try writing down all of your favorite Christmas decorations you saw at the mall. Then brainstorm what you can do to recreate it. It might not be exactly the same but it could turn out better than the original.


Take an old sweater and make Christmas stockings. They are completely vintage and easy to make, but being completely adorable is a plus!

Make some snowmen with socks, rubber bands, and cotton balls. They are cute and can be taken apart to be used for their original purpose—as socks. Simply take a sock, stuff it with cotton balls or other socks, and wrap two rubber bands around it. This will create three round circles that look like a snowman.

Wait Till After Christmas to do Your Hardcore Decoration Shopping

The best time to go shopping for Christmas gifts is after Christmas. All the stores and malls want to get rid of their Christmas decorations to make room for other holidays and specials. Prices are usually marked 50%-75% off. It can be difficult. You have to resist buying irresistible decorations until after Christmas. The patience will pay off, and you will get more for less.

Rachael Largent is a content creator who enjoys writing about tips and tricks to stay on a budget, and cute and cheap Christmas decorations.


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