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How To Help Your Teenager Fit Into A New School

When you move house, one of the many worries that you have will be how to help your children integrate into a new school. They will be feeling very sad about the old friends that they have left behind, and they will be worried about how they are going to make new friends. Then there is the curriculum which may be slightly different to what they are used to – they may find that there are gaps in their knowledge compared to what their new school friends know. There’s no doubt that this transition is tricky for any child, but it is probably the hardest for teenagers. In this article we will give you some tips on how to help your teenager handle the transition from old school to new.

Help Them Get Involved In Activities

Just because your child has moved to a new area, that doesn’t mean that they should give up on the hobbies that they had before. Make it a priority to help them join new clubs in the new area – the chances are that they will meet other kids there that go to their new school. Having something in common with other kids will really help them find it a little easier to fit in. Anything you can do to help your teenager feel like part of the community will make a big difference.

Encourage Communication

Let your child know that they can come to you with any worries or concerns. Teenagers are renowned for keeping secrets, so you may need to coax things out of them. Ask them how their day was, but try not to fuss too much either. Just let them know that if they want to talk, you are there for them. Sometimes kids just find it too difficult to talk to their parents, so it may help if they can phone an aunt or uncle to confide in them instead. Don’t take it personally – as long as they are talking to someone they are processing their emotions, and therefore taking steps towards dealing with their problems. Go easy on them through this stage – you may need to deploy a little more patience than normal (we all know how testing teenagers can be!)

Get Them Organized

Make sure your teenager has everything that they need for the new school. Imagine their crushing embarrassment if they turn up in the wrong uniform, or with the wrong textbooks etc. Ask the teachers what they will need and make sure your child has all the things that they will need in order to get on with their learning. Also, make sure they are sent off with a lunch box, or dinner money – you may forget what with all the chaos of moving, but unless they eat a big meal at lunch they will find it very hard to concentrate in the afternoon.

There’s no doubt that your teenager will find it hard to adjust to life in a new school, but it won’t take long before they meet a bunch of new friends, at which point they will feel much better about leaving the old ones behind.

Alex Gabe, the author of this article, is part of the team with, AMJ Campbell, a reputable moving company in Florida. He is great with editing and is an amateur photographer.




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One thought on “How To Help Your Teenager Fit Into A New School

  1. thanks for the valuable suggestion that you had mentioned above.it requires a lot of patience to handle the teenagers, as a parents we have to go down to their level of understanding, then only we can communicate with them.

    Posted by saarajones | March 19, 2015, 10:06 am

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