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Teen Drama Or Not, My Daughter Needs To Learn A Lesson – Discipline Ideas For Rebellious Teens

Mother Daughter ConflictDisciplining a rebellious teenager is probably the most difficult part of any parent’s life. You always have to weigh the pros and cons of the punishments. For example, if I take away her mobile phone as a form of punishment, I will not be able to immediately reach her should I need to know where she is at the moment. But if I give it to her with instructions not to use the Internet as her punishment, how will I know she did what she was told? These are conflicting thoughts. She did something bad – getting a low grade, perhaps, or missing the curfew – so she needs to learn a lesson. Below are some tips for disciplining your teen.

Teen Manipulation

Some teens manipulate their parents into doing what they want versus what their parents want them to do. They throw hissy fits; they give their parents the cold shoulder treatment; they lie; they emotionally blackmail their parents; they do anything, really, to get what they want.

If you always give in to their demands, you are showing your teen that you are weak and that they can easily manipulate you. You have to stop their manipulating habit before it becomes another problem to solve.

Discipline Ideas

When disciplining rebellious teens, it pays that you and your spouse show a unified front, even if you disagree with each other. This is especially important because there are some teens who try to play one parent against another. If your teen sees that you and your spouse cannot even agree on the type of discipline and/or form of punishment, then she can use that knowledge to get what she wants.

Be firm and consistent with disciplining your teen. If you say no driving if she is going to a party, then it means just that. If your teen breaks this law, then follow through with the consequences. Take away her phone for a week; ban her from parties for a month; no Internet privileges for a couple of weeks; whatever her penalty may be, be sure to follow through with it. It is best she learns now that there is always a consequence to her bad behavior than deal with problems later such as DUI. Driving while drunk, especially by a minor, means major legal trouble. Click here for more information regarding DUI.

Discipline your teen, but do it with love. One big mistake that many parents do when disciplining a wayward teen is to yell, shout, and scream at them. This form of punishment does not help. The more you yell at your teen, the more rebellious she becomes. What you should do instead is to discipline your teen with love. Talk to her and ask her why she is acting this way; try to understand where she is coming from; and listen to her. Knowing and understanding why she is being rebellious helps you handle the situation better. This also makes her feel loved.

It is hard to discipline a wayward child, but love, patience, and understanding coupled with firm and consistent discipline can help resolve the problem. Your teen will also learn a lot from your positive discipline methods, which she can use when she finally has her own children.


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