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I’m Tall – How Do I Dress?

Being tall is definitely an advantage, but like any other body type, it comes with pros and cons. Tall women either try to hide their height or to enhance it, considering it a quality and trying to take advantage of it.

What does it mean to be tall?

If you’re 178 cm, then you can consider yourself tall. It’s not such a bad thing, considering this is the minimum height preferred for the Catwalk models! Your style should be simple, with pieces in daring colors, straight cuts or big, flowing patterns that complement your height.

When you wear dresses or suits made from several pieces (jacket with a skirt or pants), don’t choose ones that only have one color or the ones with a pattern from the shoulder down to the knees – that will give you a too serious air. Your tall body will look better in clothes that either cover it from shoulder till the half of your hips, or from chest level to the knees. Dresses in strong, bright colors, skirts with ruffles at the waist or with a cut en cloche help to balance the shape of your body and make you look more feminine.

Tips on what outfits to choose

If you want to “hide” a little of your height, here is some advice:

  • Wear clothes with horizontal lines to create a confusion about your height. You can also do this by choosing opposing, contrasting colors – try to combine neutral colors with stronger and brighter ones;
  • Don’t worry if your favorite dress is too short for you. You can transform it easily into a tunic if you match it with a pair of tights underneath;
  • Wear big accessories – massive jewelry and over-sized bags, so they will be in contrast with your height. This will make you “lose” a few inches and you will be in trend with the fashion;
  • Try to buy dresses, T-shirts or blouses with visible, colorful prints or in relief, because small ones can be lost in the general view;
  • If you want to wear a belt, choose strong colors with interesting patterns that will nicely shape your waist and draw attention to it;
  • Wear structured jackets or blazers, with complex cuts that create dramatic angles that separate the upper body from the feet and that will thus, make you look shorter.

If, on the contrary, you’re proud of your height and you like to highlight it through adequate, sexy outfits, then you can try these tips:

  • Don’t  shy away from high heels. They can give you a boost of confidence and it will show the world that you are at ease with your body. If you don’t feel that comfortable wearing heels yet, begin with smaller ones, of about 2 cm;
  • Wear long dresses or skirts, the ones that touch the floor, made from flowing, light materials. These pieces of clothing will highlight your height the best and the flowing material will give you a romantic, sexy attitude;
  • Shorts look good on tall girls because they cut from the length of the feet and combined with shoes that go around the angle, they make are a great asset in highlighting the silhouette.


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