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Spending Time With Your Teenage Son: 5 Cool Father-Son Activities

As your son grows older, you will be spending less and less time together. With his busy social life and your own work schedule, you might feel as though you haven’t had the opportunity to bond as much as you used to. Even if you live with your son, it can still be challenging to find enough time to devote to him.

Thankfully, with a little effort and planning, you can squeeze in a father-son bonding activity to reinforce your connection. Keep in mind that as a father, you play a huge role in molding your teenage son into a man you’ll be proud of. Listed below are some of the activities you can do with your teenage son while instilling values and teaching him valuable life lessons.

Play Video Games Together: If your teenage son loves to play games with his Xbox or Play Station, you can join him. Video games are meant for children; however, grownups can also enjoy them. You can play games which are appropriate for his age and maturity level. Doing so will not only allow you and your son to bond but you can also monitor the games he play. Remember though that when playing a video game with him, you should keep your hand-eye coordination sharp and teach him to play fair and be a good sport.

Go On A Road Trip: One of the best ways to spend time with your son is to travel to a new place. You and your son can take turns driving around. You don’t have to go too far or somewhere expensive. You can simply drive around your location and look for diner joints where you can talk and eat your favorite food. Going on a road trip will offer you various opportunities to explore and find cool activities to do together. You can even teach your son how to read maps and figure out roads. You will be amazed by the meaningful conversations which can occur when it’s just you, him, and the road ahead.

Outdoor Adventures: You can show your teenage son how cool you can be with some wild outdoor adventures. You and your son can learn how to climb a rock together or head out for an adventure. You can go hiking, mountain climbing, or you can try extreme sports together. You can even consider hunting together; however, before you consider this option, you need to find out more about your state laws regarding hunting wildlife.

Another option is to arrange for a two-person paragliding and parasailing adventure. You and your teenage son can also try going on a zip line canopy tour where you will be going along a suspended cable traveling at a speed of 40mph. Both of you will surely have an adventure you won’t forget.

Indulge The Grease Monkey In You: If your son shows interest in mechanics and automobiles, why not take the time to show him around the car’s engine? You can use the car’s manual as a guide and teach him the different parts of the car, what’s under the hood, and how the parts work together. You can even teach your son how to change a flat tire, change the oil as well as the transmission fluid, and other basic car maintenance tips. Doing so will not only bring you two closer together but the lessons he will learn will be valuable throughout his life.

Play Sports: Instead of always talking about your glory days, you should show your son what you are capable of. For instance, if both of you love basketball, then show him your moves in the court. Your son will appreciate the time you’ve spent with him while he learns valuable values, such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline.

Kris Bennette is a family counselor who helps parents reconnect with their teenage sons and daughters. Listed in this article are some of the coolest father-son activities.




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