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Stuck On An Essay? Be Inspired By 10 University Students Who Are Achieving Amazing Things

Around the world university students are changing the world. Whether it is making a scientific breakthrough or winning a literary award, university students are making a difference—which goes to show that it doesn’t matter what you choose as a career path, because hard work and innovation can help you achieve great things.

We found 10 university students who are achieving amazing things.

University students from King's College London, sitting exams

1. Andrew Chen, Donald Zhang & Robin Huang

This trio of students from the University of Sydney developed a mobile app to help people living with diabetes. BlueClover’s creators, Andrew Chen, Donald Zhang and Robin Huang, were invited earlier this year to showcase their app in India at the annual Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank. At the gathering, the three inspirational students met with policy makers, key industry leaders as well as with various non-governmental organizations. The user-friendly app is revolutionary since it acts like an electronic logbook that stores nutritional information and can even scan the barcode of food-products and give all nutritional values, which aims to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes.

2. Shree Bose

While still in high school, Shree Bose already made breakthroughs in cancer research and has subsequently received national acclaim from President Barack Obama. Bose had a grandfather who was affected by liver cancer and decided she wanted to make a difference in cancer research. While studying science at university, she made several breakthroughs, particularly with the cancer drug Cisplatin. Her research recently landed her the first prize in the Google Science Fair and in 2012 she was recognized by Glamour Magazine as one of the Young Amazing Women of the Year.

3. Ladu Boyo

As a refugee from South Sudan, Ladu Boyo spent his childhood in a refugee camp in Uganda where he sold food scraps in order to pay for his schooling. With a study loan, Boyo managed to go to America where he completed high school and an undergraduate university degree. Today he is busy with his post-graduate law degree at The University of Sydney and he has aspirations to return to South Sudan and pursue a career in politics. Boyo is in the process of running for a position in the 2015 parliamentary elections where he hopes he can use his education and knowledge to make a difference.

4. Chirag Desai

As a pharmacy student busy with his PhD, Chirag Desai is achieving amazing things—and making medical breakthroughs. Desai developed a specialist way for effective and safe drug profiling. Besides having medical benefits, the breakthrough also has great commercial prospects and could benefit society a great deal.  Recently, Desai received a prestigious Curtin Commercial Innovation Award for his work and he continues to bring innovation to pharmaceutical research in Australia.

5. Julian B. Gewirtz

This young student and talented writer, has already landed a position as a columnist for The Huffington Post. Gewirtz has a passion for Mandarin and studied modern Chinese history at Harvard University. He regularly writes about China, for The Huffington Post as well as for Harvard Crimson. Besides obtaining a prestigious position, he has also won numerous awards for his writing and poetry and he was a publisher on the renowned Harvard Advocate. Gewirtz was recently awarded with a Rhodes Scholarship to attend Oxford.

6. Tan Zhongshan

At 23 years of age, Tan Zhongshan was the first Malaysian student to finish top of his class in final year law at Cambridge University. Zhongshan received the “Slaughter and May” prize that the university’s law faculty awards to the best overall achieving student. On top of this, his lecturers commend him for excellent character and his devotion to help out his classmates and make success of his education.

7. Dalumuzi Mhlanga

Born in Zimbabwe, Dalumuzi Mhlanga overcame all odds and attended Harvard and has successfully established a non-profit organization to train young entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. His organization, Lead Us Today, is aimed at high school students and encourages young minds to make a difference within their communities by showing leadership and using entrepreneurial skills. Mhlanga has had over 500 students in his program and through his organization, over 20 community development projects in Zimbabwe have transpired. Unsurprisingly, his work made him the winner of the 2011 Forbes College Innovator Contest.

8. Casper Alexander Daugaard

Casper Alexander Daugaard already has two companies behind his name and is venturing onto a third. Daugaard, after his first year at Yale, founded a risk management firm as well as a nutritional supplement online retailer. He also founded YaleCONNECT, which is a leadership and mentoring program based in the USA. His next business venture is an entertainment company that will sell celebrity-worn clothing online. As someone who isn’t afraid to take risks, this student is a fervent self-starter and has certainly caught the business world’s attention.

Alberta is a student completing an engineering course in Sydney. She has been inspired by these eight amazing people and can’t wait to do amazing things herself.


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