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5 Things That Make Christmas Christmas-y

Christmas is the time you come home; it is that time of the year where nothing can go wrong, even excessive snowfall doesn’t dampen your spirits. To get that “feeling” though, there are things to be done. Just the date changing to the 25th of December does not make Christmas, Christmas-y. Like said before, there are thing to be done, thus, here is a list of the most important Christmas components, without which, Christmas cannot really be the same:

Christmas tree: There is no Christmas without the tree, but you have to keep in mind the kind of tree you should buy. Artificial trees are the most practical and useful trees to buy as they save money and are less depreciating. Pine is surely evergreen but it loses its sheen pretty quickly. Pick the fir tree instead and decorate the hell out of their sturdy branches. Another point to remember is that if your tree isn’t artificial, then make sure it is fresh. If its branches bend a little that it means it is well moisturized and can hold the decorations well, if the branch snaps then don’t buy it because that tree is as dry as the Sahara desert. Decorations, obviously, is up to you and the family (in some places, friends, especially in New York with a naked man living in the flat opposite the window, get it? get it?). Make sure these decorations are done together so that all of you’ll fight and disagree but eventually proclaim love for each other and celebrate in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas stockings: Eight or eighty years of age, the first thing you go for in the morning on Christmas day is the stockings. The tree and the stockings go together as smoothly as chocolate syrup goes with ice cream. Those fluffy red stockings filled with mysterious gifts and candies are the sight for which children wake up along with the first rays of sunlight. It is for that expression of their kids face that makes parents painstakingly buy the presents, wrap them and stuff the stockings, sometimes (mostly?) even dressed as Santa for their beloved little elves. It is a wonderful tradition which basically underlines what Christmas is all about, gifting and sharing, for the ones who didn’t know.

Christmas treats: This gives a wide ambit to cover all the delicious things you are allowed to eat on Christmas day without feeling an iota of guilt. From mince pies for breakfast to crackers, sprouts and chocolate fudge, fruitcake and gingerbread along with special Christmas ham, roast turkey and hot buttered rum to wash all this down with. It’s only on this day you can so easily digest all of this and more.

Jumpers: Do you remember Ron Weasley’s maroon jumper or Mark Darcy’s reindeer one? You do, everybody does. That is the best thing about these jumpers, you can never wear them on any other day barring Christmas. There is no need to be sad because you will get Hermione Granger and Bridget Jones respectively, despite dressing like that in front of them.

Santa: Santa in the city mall or Granddad/Dad/Favorite Uncle dressed as Santa, the point is there has to be at least one Santa Claus you meet. It will be even better if there are two; they can then compete who the better one is while you get double the gifts.

Basically Christmas is the best festival, celebrated by one and all, these things just make the festival what it is: awesome.

Today’s guest author, David Richmond, is an employee at Westminster Christmas, a company that offers a wide array of fiber optic Christmas decorations. His hobbies include cooking and traveling to different places.



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