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Don’t Hire a Jumping Castle For Your Event Until You Read This!

Jumping castles are no longer just for kids! Adults can get in on the fun too. These inflatable, bouncy things have been around for a long time. Although some of its previous incarnations were primarily used for more serious and lifesaving events, majority of inflatable castles are now used for recreation and entertainment.

From Safety Air Cushions to Bouncy Castles

John Scurlock was a mechanical engineer who had a special love for physics. In a small town in Shreveport, Louisiana, he drafted the first inflatable structure in 1959. He was initially working on a solution to create inflatable structures for swimming pool or tennis court covers. Apparently, his employees had a bit too much fun jumping around the structures and that’s when he noticed its potential for fun and entertainment. Eventually, Scurlock would go on to be known as the designer for safety inflatables used in airplane and aircraft emergencies.

adult jumping castles

The Moon Walk

His first official foray into the bouncing business was a large mattress called the Moon Walk. Afterwards, animal designs were created. Soon, the demand started to rise and Surlock’s wife began renting the inflatables. Festivals and fairs were the main market for these back then but now, more and more people are renting them for private parties or corporate events.

What’s in the Name?

Once the boom began, there was no stopping it. From Moon Walk to bouncers, bouncy castles, jumpy things, spacewalks and more; the product became known by different names. Nowadays, they are often called “bouncy castles” by kids although adult jumping castles are also available for kids at heart.

Speaking of which, these bouncy castle shapes were initially created by university students in 1961. Currently, bouncy castles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As mentioned, some are made for adults while others are essentially crafted for specific games or sports tournaments.

Hiring Jumping Castles for Events

Looking to inject some fun into a corporate event or private party? Jumping castles can serve as the perfect solution.  They provide endless hours of entertainment for both adults and children. Before hiring one, it is important to note a couple of things:

  1. Know what type of inflatable is needed. Inflatables come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Children’s bouncy castles are shaped in various cartoon characters or colorful animal shapes which help the children enjoy as they jump around inside. On the other hand, adult jumping castles are also built differently. Some of them are reinforced to accommodate the weight of an adult.
  2. Know the budget. Corporate events might include a bigger budget to accommodate renting two or more inflatable bouncy houses. It’s even possible to save if there are set packages offered by the company. Some companies offer not just an inflatable but also food and drink packages to make it easier for the renter.
  3. Know the stipulations and other details. Before agreeing to rent, make sure to read through the agreements and check out the possible penalties in case the bouncy castle gets damaged. Moreover, possible insurance can be offered if the renter chooses to take advantage of it.

Conducting a jumping castle hire is quite easy once the basics have been covered. Forever say goodbye to dull and boring events or parties, thanks to these fun-filled bouncy castles. They are a great way to encourage social interaction in both children and adults.


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By Debra Wright

Debra Wright enjoys a multi-hyphenated identity. She is an online marketing specialist, writer, cat lover, and aspiring cupcake critic. Wright’s articles about jumping castles for events draws on her passion for learning and dedication to share her discoveries to others. Get updated on what she’s discovering now @debrawrites.



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