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Mothers Baby – Fathers Maybe

baby feetIt is easy for a woman to know that she is the parent to the baby that has just been born, but for the father there has to be a lot of trust. If there are concerns, it is now possible to take a test that will leave all parties in no doubt as to who is the father. This can make or break families and due to the prevalence of this topic on programmes such as Maury in the United States and The Jeremy Kyle Show in the United Kingdom, more and more men are discovering that they are not the biological father to the children they are raising. It is estimated that there could be as many as 20% of children being raised by someone other than their real fathers.

Reasons For Doubts

Sometimes men say that they just feel that there is not the same connection to a child as there is to other children they have. Recently there have been a number of stories regarding children being taken away from families as the authorities do not believe that they child was with their real parents. There was a Roma child removed from her parents in Ireland as she had blonde hair and blue eyes and it was not believed that her dark haired and dark eyed parents could have biological links to her. She was apart from her parents for a few days and a second child was removed overnight, but both were returned as the tests proved they were the biological children.

Taking the Test

There is a fairly basic test that can be carried out to determine paternity and this can be done at home. The kits are sent out and then returned to the company complete with the samples and they are then analyzed. When there are concerns about the accuracy of the samples, a doctor will do the test for the couple. In both cases it will take about a week before the results are known, although as the Irish case proves it can be done more quickly when needed. There is a two tier system with one set of tests being court ordered and admissible in court, and another that are classed as non court directed, and these will only be used in court if there is an agreement reached. Getting the sample is easy, as a swab is used to collect cells from the inside of the cheek. Often it will be just the child and supposed father that will need to provide samples.

Reasons For Taking The Test

There are two reasons men will want to take a paternity test. One will be in the hope that the child is theirs as they will have been led to believe that it was, and secondly if there are maintenance issues as they will not want to pay for a child that is not theirs. Often under these circumstances they will be hoping that they are not the father.

It may be the men who want to know the results, but it will also be in the child’s best interest if they know the truth as young as possible. It could be more traumatic finding out later, and if there are medical issues, there is more chance of them getting help if they know who their father is.

Today’s guest post is submitted by Julia Coffey, a wonderful and a much sought-after blogger. She writes articles on topics that inspire her or one she finds engaging.


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