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The Many Ways That Poor Quality Drinking Water Affects Children’s Development

Many parts of the world still don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water, and the individuals in those areas, especially the children, are adversely affected. Poor drinking water that’s contaminated and not appropriate for human consumption can lead to a host of health problems and eventually even death. That’s why many organizations are working hard to provide people around the world with the cleanest drinking water possible to reduce the suffering.

The Importance of Clean Drinking Water at Home

Even in your own home, though, you need to be sure that you’re providing your children with the purest drinking water possible, whether you have a municipal water supply or you prefer to use a well water system. Because the water you drink will be used by every cell in your body, you need to be sure you’re providing your cells with the right hydration that’s pure and will not adversely affect their health.

Continue reading to learn about just a few of the many ways that poor quality drinking water can have a negative effect upon children’s health and development.

Too Much Fluoride is Actually Bad for Children

While fluoride is added to the water supply to keep teeth strong, it’s actually a toxic element that some studies have found may even be carcinogenic when consumed over long periods of time. That’s why many groups continue to advocate for the removal of fluoride from the water supply completely. Because fluoride is now in the vast majority of toothpastes on the market, and toothpaste isn’t swallowed, there is no longer a need to keep fluoride in the water supply, especially since it can do more harm to the body than good when swallowed and digested. And children are most susceptible to the negative health effects of too much fluoride in the water. For children who are still developing, too much fluoride in the water supply can lead to irreversible health problems, including dental and skeletal fluorosis.

Too Much Selenium Can Also Be Bad for Children’s Health

Like fluoride, selenium in the water supply needs to be properly balanced so that people, especially children, get just the right amount to maintain health without adversely affecting it. Too much selenium can lead to several severe health issues because it becomes toxic in the body. And children who don’t get enough selenium are also at risk of deficiencies that can lead to physical ailments.

Arsenic Poses Risks in Certain Areas of the World

In certain areas of the world, such as India and Bangladesh, high levels of arsenic in the water supply cause a host of health problems, especially in children. Low levels of arsenic, when consumed over long periods, can also lead to toxicity in the body and irreversible health problems.

Knowing what the quality of your water is will help you make sure your children are getting adequate amounts of hydration in the purest form. If you wish, you can purchase filtration systems that remove the vast majority of contaminants, as well as chlorine and fluoride, from your water supply.


Brandon Light, the author of this article, is employed with, Rhodes Pump Service, leaders in well water filtration. He is a very organized person and enjoys planning and managing his chores through the day.



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