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How To Make Amazing Art With Spare Printer Ink


Image by: articotropical

You may think it unlikely but there are some fun and interesting ways to make art with just paper and ink. They may not sell for millions but I’m sure your living room will love it, or  at the very least, the fridge door.

Read on to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Good old splattering

Okay, so it may not sound professional and you’re probably thinking I don’t know what I’m talking about. But splattered paint is seriously underestimated and can have a hugely dramatic look.

Simply get the paper (make sure to cover anything surrounding you – it’s going to get messy!) get the ink gathered on a brush (an old toothbrush would even do…seriously) or anything you can get your hands on and literally, well, splatter it onto the paper.

Just black ink on white paper has a very contemporary look or you could mix up the colours and create something a little more out there.

The choice is yours.

2. Get creative with sponges

This one may appeal more to kids. Whether it be the little ones you have running around or the big kid inside you. Grab a sponge, preferably not one that’s been scrubbing the toilet, and do your thing!

You can cut the sponge into whatever shapes you want, sparingly apply some ink to it and then dab onto the paper. Yes, it’s what we’ve all done it in primary school but I promise it can have a surprisingly sophisticated look. Trust me.

3. A bit of anger management

Ever grabbed a piece of paper, scrunched it into a ball, dipped it in ink and thrown it at another piece of paper?

What do you mean “no”? Do it!

The results can actually look good. If nothing else, you’ll feel better after letting all your anger out on that piece of paper.

4. Inky cocktails

Okay so not really. But what you can do is get a blob of ink on the paper.

Yes, I said blob. You may want the ink mixed with the TINIEST bit of water to make it extra runny. You then get a straw in your mouth, point it in the direction of the ink and get blowing! It will spread all over the page and it will be totally out of your control but that’s kind of the fun. The drips will also add to it, making each piece of art work totally unique.

5. Love letters

Grab something thin, even go traditional and use the end of a feather (pull it out of your pillow if necessary, don’t go plucking any pigeons). Dip said thin thing into the ink and write a nice love letter. Hand written sentiments are always nice for people to receive, whether it’s to your better half, your best friend or your Nan. Emails are over rated anyway.

You’ll then use this pointy ting you have your hands on to decorate this letter AND the envelope with little but detailed pictures, turning this letter into a piece of artwork.

These all may seem crazy but they can look good. I should know. I have taken my own advice. Remember to use the ink sparingly; don’t need to slather the paper for a good look.

The key to making good art is to have fun. Let your emotions into the page and you’ve created art. You may be the only person who gets it but isn’t that the epitome of creatives and artists? You could just always put the paper and ink into your printer, click on the old Paint and do it that way. This might not be as fun though.

So, are you ready to embrace your creative side? Tell us how you get on in the comments below.


Montana Woodman Matthews is a budget finding, boredom busting blogger who loves all things creative. She recommends Printer Basics to get all your creative supplies.



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