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Differences Between Kids of Homosexual Couples and Heterosexual Couples


By Shaambhavi Pathak

Ideally, there should not be any differences in the parenting techniques followed by heterosexual couples or homosexual couples. However, the science follows different norms. Studies conducted have shown that those kids who have parents of the same sex have a better upbringing than the kids of the heterosexual couples. Although the homosexual partners often face criticism from their peers and disapproval from their own family and friends, yet their kids turn out to be better than the kids of heterosexual couples.

Here is what the studies have shown:

The daughters of the lesbian couples often engage in various occupations outside the conventional feminine norms. This means that they take up jobs which are not currently common with other women. The behavioral characteristics; the play alternates and the choice of the clothes of such children fall outside the normal social choices of their heterosexual counterparts. They also exhibit a tendency to think outside the social stigma and tend to have a broad spectrum.

The sons of such couples also are more mature emotionally and are more affectionate and nurturing. They are less adventurous on the sexual front. These kids have a more open understanding of relationships whether they are heterosexual or homosexual.

Although no such observational facts have been observed in the kids of gay parents, however, no side-effects on the child either; have been analyzed till now. The best part is that both the gay as well as the lesbian parents nurture their kids in the same way as the heterosexual parents. Their upbringing, their mode of teaching and the love showered is not different from their heterosexual counterparts. The only thing that is different in the children of homosexual parents is that they are more mature. They are able to face huge obstacles easily, stand firmly in the adverse conditions and decide emotionally rather than being practical.

Often, the kids learn resilience as a natural trait. They become naturally trained to beat all the odds against them without any negative confrontations. These values of course are inculcated in the child by the same parents who have faced confrontation all their life.

Studies have shown that gay couples and of lesbian couples involve in adoption as they are unable to conceive any issues of their own. These kids often grow up to be heterosexual. This probably happens as the child is witness to their parents being mistreated because of stereotyping and injustice of people. Probably their inert psyche inclines them towards the opposite sex.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Shaambhavi_Pathak

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One thought on “Differences Between Kids of Homosexual Couples and Heterosexual Couples

  1. I think we forget that gay people are born gay, so the fact that children raised by a gay or lesbian couple often choose to be heterosexual is a bit misstated because heterosexual couples, or sex between a man and a woman creates gay children.

    Posted by Dangerous Lee | February 12, 2014, 12:16 am

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