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Is Your Boyfriend Bullying You? How To Get Away

When a bully boyfriend assaults your personal freedom and self-esteem, it should be enough for you to realize that this could develop into abusive behavior. It is important that you get away from a bully boyfriend, no matter how difficult or frightening it may be, no matter how much you love him or divide financial expenses together. Leaving him is better than sticking around his bullying habits and allowing him to inflict you with psychological and physical distress.


Step 1 – Make A Decision And Leave

Love can make it difficult for you to leave the relationship, but you must understand that the relationship is wrong. If you have doubts and start to believe that your boyfriend deserves another chance to make things right, reflect on the pain he has been inflicting you and consider how you feel about it. Remember that bullies do not simply change over night and despite the promises he makes, there is still a great chance of your boyfriend to bully you. This is why you need to make a decision and focus on your safety and independence when you leave.

Step 2 – Come Up With A Safety Plan

A safety plan is necessary if you are determined to protect yourself from your abusive boyfriend. You will need to plan for emergencies, as well as creating a safety plan to escape if you are living with him. It is also essential that you identify safe locations in the home where you can hide temporarily and exit immediately and safely. Do not forget to keep a packed bag containing clothes, cash, important documents and personal items, hidden but accessible.

Step 3 – Be Discreet, Careful And Secure

You must always be careful when you do some research for domestic violence resources using your cell phone or computer. This is because you can never be too sure if your bully boyfriend is tracking every move you make so opt to use prepaid calling cards, corded phones and limiting the use of your cell phone. After you use the computer to look for domestic violence for women resources, always clear your search history and be cautious when sending emails. It is also wise if you change your usernames and passwords.

Step 4 – Look For A Domestic Violence Shelter

If you need refuge from your boyfriend’s bullying and abusive behavior, look for domestic violence shelters. These shelters offer medical and financial assistance, support groups, children services and legal assistance where you can get a RO or Restraining Order which can help you stay safe and protected by the law. “Besides a restriction on his/her movement (the Defendant must not come within so many feet of the plaintiff’s residence or workplace, whether on foot or in a car), the Defendant may have to surrender firearms, or be denied an FID card in the future. He/she will also have the RO on his/her criminal record, usually for the rest of time, and may even be listed on a national register. Also, as mentioned before, a violation of any provision of the RO can lead to a criminal complaint” says elliotsavitz.com . Some shelters also offer employment and housing services if you need them.

Step 5 – Get Support From Your Family

Reaching out to your family for additional support can help you survive this difficult time. There is no need to be embarrassed about your situation. As a matter of fact, after forgiveness is in order, your family will be your number one support on your road to recovery. They can also help provide you with the safety and security you need, as you build your self-esteem and heal the emotional wounds inflicted on you.

Valerie Clearwater is a freelance writer specializing in an array of legal, parenting and relationship issues. She also offers parenting tips on how to help their children with relationship problems.


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