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5 Tips To Avoid Being Bullied At School

BullyBullying is one of the ugliest forms of human behavior that exists in the world today. And when it is your own children that are the victims of this vicious act, it will break your heart. No matter how hard the schools try to stamp bullying out, it seems to remain a real threat. We’ve looked at some ways that may help your child from becoming that scumbag’s next victim. But if you are worried about the possibility of your child being bullied, you must always talk to them before speaking with the school. Having an honest relationship is the only way to be a good parent, no matter how difficult that may seem at times.

1. Be Confident

Bullies are real cowards that would run a mile rather than have a proper fight, so walk around with your head high and speak in a steady voice. They will look around for an easy target and usually stay away from people that may offer them a challenge. This is not to say that you should try too hard to appear ‘tough’, instead you should just act naturally without sending out any victim-like signals.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

If you are approaching a group of people who you are a little afraid of, how do you act? If you start to look at the pavement and hope that they don’t notice, they probably will do exactly that. Keep some eye contact and show that you are secure enough to deal with whatever crap they think that can get away with. They are looking for a victim, anyone that looks and acts as if they will fight back will usually be too much effort for them to bother with.

3. Don’t Think Like a Victim

If you have been bullied in the past, it is vital that you move on and do not think as if you are the perpetual victim. This type of thinking will lead to all kinds of problems further down the line. The world is not out to get you and you are better than those losers who tried to prove themselves by picking on you. Being bullied does not define who you are, it does display that the world is not fair, but you can, and will, move on!

4. Be Aware

If you know about certain areas that pose more of a bullying hazard than an alternative route, you should consciously avoid these. Bullying zones are a fact of a youngster’s life, so don’t make it easy for those lowlifes to do what they do. Any remote area with little adult presence will usually become a prime location for their nefarious activities.

5. Do Not Blame Yourself

Almost everyone has been bullied during their lives, and it is hardly ever their fault. So if this does happen to you, lay the blame at the feet of the instigators. Speak to your parents and also the school authorities. Don’t be frightened to involve the police as well, this type of behavior needs to be exposed and the bullies need to be punished.

Good Luck

Although it is true that life is not always fair, it is also true that nobody deserves to be treated unfairly. If you have been bullied, or suspect that you child has been treated in this way, act now and expose the people who have done these bad things.

Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for, Queensland Security Solutions, a company offering security and operational solutions like mine security Brisbane. You can follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.


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