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How To Control Your Kids’ TV Time While On The Road

There are lots of family memories associated with grabbing your motor home and going out on the long, winding roads of the American interior. It’s a time where families become closer and everyone remembers the experience for the rest of their lives.

You can’t escape the will of technology. Today, we can take technology on the road with us. More and more motor homes are seeing the benefits of having satellite television sets in their motor homes.

The last thing you want is for your kids to waste all their time planted in front of it, though. Here’s how to control TV time when on vacation.

Set Boundaries First

Understand where the frustration comes from when you switch off the TV. If you decide to kick them away from the screen on a whim, they’re only going to get increasingly frustrated. This is when arguments happen.

Tell them before you go on vacation how much TV they can watch each night and when. This way they know when they have to turn it off and when they can watch it. It won’t necessarily remove all the frustration, but it’s going to reduce the chances of a temper tantrum.

Do it as a Family

The idea behind a vacation is to relax with family. Instead of having a fight over the TV every night, enjoy some quality TV time together. The conversations people have while sitting in front of the screen are extremely intimate and often form the basis of a strong and healthy relationship.

A parent’s biggest fear is they don’t get to spend enough time with their children while on the road. Watch TV together and you no longer have to worry about this.

Give them Something to Do

Most kids watch TV extensively because they have nothing else to do. If you’re riding around for eight hours every day with few rest stops, they’re going to want to watch TV all the time. No matter how big your RV is, it’s still an enclosed area with a limited set of activities.

Instead of traveling long distances, shorten the distance and make regular stops at places of interest. This way they’ll always have something to do.

If traveling long distances can’t be helped, your best option is to make your own fun. Board games are always a traditional winner, but there are lots of options available if you use your imagination.

Swap Parents

You can’t expect a child to be entertained by the same parent for the entire vacation. They’ll soon find themselves growing tired, and they’ll respond by gravitating towards the TV screen. If possible, swap the parent who drives. Let dad drive for part of the journey and let mom drive for another part of the journey.

The key to distracting them from the TV is to keep things fresh. Understand TV is usually the easy option and the last resort all rolled into one. If children are entertained and stimulated by something on the outside, the last activity on their minds will be watching repeats of a cartoon.


Today’s guest post is contributed by Robert Jules. He is a technophile and an ardent blogger. He shares tech related tips and reviews through his articles. He says for any kind of tech related information check out – www.tvformyrv.com.



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