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A Safe Easy Way To Help Text Addicted Teens – 3 Questions You Must Ask


Author: Liz

In less than two minutes, you will learn 3 questions you must ask to be successful in helping text addicted teens. But firstly, how sure are you that your teen is addicted to text messaging?Have you begun to notice the fact that your teenager pays much more attention to their phone than they do to you?

Have you tried asking them to stop texting at mealtimes, or when you are trying to have a conversation? And have they given you lots of “attitude” for those simple requests, perhaps even shouting at you?

Does their whole life revolve around their phone? Are they missing meals and sleep because of text messaging, perhaps even ignoring people and telling lies?

If so, the sad news is that you have a text addicted teen. Teenagers and text messaging addiction has been recognized as a problem for some time, but none of the experts seemed to be able to come up with a solution.All that is about to change…

It took a mother, Linda Montgomery, whose daughter became a text addicted teen, to find the solution. Not that it was easy. It took her two years to finally find out how “to get her beautiful daughter back”.

She was horrified by so much that she learned – but gained a much greater understanding of what text addicted teens are going through.They may be in denial about their text problem, but she explains how to get past that.

Did you know your teens diet may be contributing to the problem? Did you know that texting behavior can reveal other problems your child may have? And not just peer pressure – are they involved in sexting?

I promised you 3 questions:

  1. Do you know the one particular question you must ask your teen about their phone? – miss this and you have no chaance to help them…
  2. Do you know why trying to stage an “intervention” as you may have seen on TV is the worst idea possible?
  3. Do you know how to choose the best time to talk to your teen about texting? – if your timing is wrong, your chances decrease by at least 50%…

There is so much more – what is the one thing you must say to your teen to stop them texting while driving?Do you know what the “withdrawal symptoms” of text addiction are and how to make it easier for your teen to stop texting?Once Linda had found the answer, she went home to try it out on her daughter – as she says, after 2 years of having a “zombie” daughter, what did she have to lose? She was amazed at the results…

In less than two weeks of trying the methods she will now share with you, her daughter’s texting slowed down by at least 50% and within one one month, Linda considered her daughter to be “back to normal”.

You will be asking – will this work for me and my text addicted teen? Yes, it’s 100% guaranteed… Linda explains how to fix your teens texting problem, no matter how bad it is – she has already helped thousands of distraught parents. She takes you by the hand and in easy to follow steps tells exactly what you need to do. Immediately, you will be ready to help your teen stop texting…

Picture yourself in a few week’s time – the joy of seeing your teen living life to the full again…

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/teenagers-articles/a-safe-easy-way-to-help-text-addicted-teens-3-questions-you-must-ask-5572450.html

About the Author

Liz Milton –

Liz writes about home and family matters on her blog, www.allhomeandfamily.com

Click here for more insights and help with teenage text addiction.


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