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Where Do You Come From? Where To Start With Putting Together A Family Tree

Where Do You Come From? Where To Start With Putting Together A Family Tree Learning about your family history and your ancestors is important. After all, you want to know where you came from and who was a part of your family. Creating a family tree can be a great way to document your family’s history, and it can be a great asset to pass down through your family so everyone knows more about your family.

Unfortunately, not many people know where to start when it comes to putting together a family tree. Thankfully, the following information will help you learn exactly where to start.

Invest in Family Tree Maker software.

The best way to preserve all the information you find is to document it in one location. This is why it’s a good idea to invest in the Family Tree Maker software. You can use this program to house all the information you find and create the most detailed family tree possible. Through the software, you can add photos, documents, maps and even historical records about your family. You can also access and update your family tree from anywhere. Plus, you can share your family tree with others, so completing your family tree can become a collaboration with other family members. If you want to successfully create a family tree and house all your research in an organized fashion, you need to invest in the Family Tree Maker software.

Subscribe to Ancestry.com.

Ancestry.com is a great resource to help you locate information about your family. This website houses a great deal of information on families from all over the world, and it allows you to connect with other family members who may be using the site. You can learn more about where your family came from and whom you’re related to. You can even see images or historical documents that may be available for your family. Through Ancestry.com, you also have the option of hiring a professional to research your family and locate information about your heritage and ancestors. If you truly want to learn more about where you came from, this is the place to start.

Look into court documents and newspapers.

In order to gain more information about your family, look into court documents and old newspaper archives. You may find out a great deal about your family from the documents you find. You can learn names of your family members (including names and birthplaces of parents/grandparents) from birth certificates. You can even find out more about where your family lived or what professions they had based on old newspaper archives. Keep in mind that you may need to visit the courthouses in the towns your ancestors lived, so this may require some travel on your part.

Collect oral histories.

If you still have living relatives, download the Rev Voice Recorder app and have a conversation with your family member. Ask them questions about their life, about their family members, about where they lived, and about what they know about your family’s history. You can record their stories with the Rev Voice Recorder app, and you will have an actual audio recording of your family’s history in your family member’s own words.

Along with keeping this audio recording, you can use the talk to text feature on the Rev Voice Recorder to have the audio recording professionally transcribed. You can then place these transcriptions in your Family Tree Maker software and share it with other family members. Then, everyone will be able to learn more about your family from the words of an ancestor, and you can cherish and use these stories to complete your family tree.

Guest Author: Kristi Munno is a freelance writer, content marketer and blogger who has been professionally playing with words for more than a decade.



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