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Are Your Kids Hyper, Or Is It Just You?

By J. R. Anderson

Has your kid ever drank tea or some other sugar and caffeinated beverage and just went bonkers afterwards? I’m talking about the type of hyper where they are bouncing off the walls and trying to chew through the leg of the coffee table. That begs the question; we know that caffeine can induce hyperactivity but does sugar also induce hyperactivity?

Science tells us no! There have been numerous scientific studies that have demonstrated that sugar does not induce hyperactivity. This even encompasses various sugar sources from candy to cake. While the child’s behaviors might not change, the parent’s behaviors may change! One study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology indicated that when mothers thought their child had consumed sugary drinks (when in reality they consumed a placebo) were more inclined think their children were acting hyper while scientists watching the experiment found no difference in the child’s behavior. These mothers were also more inclined to criticize them more as well if they thought they had consumed a sugary drink.

Why do we associate sugar with hyper? It could be that when sugar is consumed in the form of soda or certain teas it accompanies caffeine; our brains inherently link the two (sugar and caffeine) as causing hyperactivity when in reality it is only the caffeine. Also most sugary substances are consumed during times of increased activity that cause the children to be hyper. For example, children are excited and hyper during Halloween and Christmas because of all the activity going on. Because they ingest sugary substances like candy during these times we link the sugar with hyperactivity.

In general, it is best for adults and children to keep their consumption of artificial sugars to a minimum. This is due to the dental and weight effects that can accompany a high quantity of sugar ingestion. Although science has almost blocked out a link between sugar and hyperactivity the studies are not concrete and more research is needed in this area. So the next time your kid is acting like the spawn of Satan it might not be the five pounds of candy they ate, it might be the fact that there is so much activity and excitement going on around them that is causing them to be hyper. It appears it isn’t the sugar, it is the atmosphere and maybe your mind thinking your kid is hyper when in reality they are acting like their normal, wonderful selves!

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=J._R._Anderson



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