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Great Party Ideas For Children Who Love Sports

The great thing about children (or one of the great things), is that they are mega enthusiastic. In other words, while you or I might ‘quite like’ the last film we watched, most children will find they ‘absolutely loved it!!!’. Most children will then beg you to take them to the cinema again, to buy it when it comes out on DVD, and to sit with them while they watch it eight times. They will also enjoy buying all the toys.

This makes it nice and easy for a parent trying to throw a party for children that they know they will love. All you have to do is find the thing that those children are currently passionate about, and then use that as a theme to tie your event together.

If your child loves sport then, you should probably think about throwing them a sports-themed party. What could that entail? Well here are some ideas…

Watching the Game

Watching the game is something that adults tend to do. If you are lucky enough to have the right channels you’ll probably often invite your friends round to open a few beers and watch a football match or another program on the box.

This is something your kids will no-doubt have seen you do, and that then makes it an exciting and appealing idea for them that seems very grown up. Ask them if they want to watch the game on a massive screen TV and then make sure they have plenty of great food and lots of other things to do to keep them entertained in the meantime.

Playing Sports

If you want to get your children outside (always more exciting than being inside), then you could alternatively get them to play their favorite sport rather than just watch it. This could mean getting them to play a five-aside football match somewhere, or it could mean getting them to do something a little more exciting like hockey. There are tons of ice skating rinks that will cater to children’s parties and this is a very exciting sport for a child to play that many also won’t have tried before.

Computer Games

Worried about taking your children out to play sports? Then a cheaper way to address the need to burn calories is to get them playing tournaments on a console.

How does that burn calories you ask? Simple: you get them to play on a Wii or Kinect! This is a fantastic way to get everyone involved in an environment that’s less competitive and where no one can get hurt – though it is a little less exciting than the real deal.


If you want to really surprise your child then why not take them somewhere exciting in person? This could mean going to watch a sports match, or better yet it could mean taking them around the grounds. Many stadiums and pitches will be open to the public at certain times, and some will even let you onto the grass where your child can pretend they’re scoring the winning touchdown!

Jamie Richards, the author of this article, is a employee at Milford Ice Pavillion, organizers of kid’s birthday parties in CT. Jamie not only enjoys cycling and mountain biking but can rappel as well.



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