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Which Super Hero Is The Best Influence For Your Children?

Raising children isn’t always easy, and sometimes it’s tough to know what the best thing to do is – especially when they seem to be running somewhat riot and you don’t want to come off as too much of a disciplinarian. Wouldn’t life just be easier if children automatically wanted to follow the rules and weren’t always running off?

Unfortunately that’s not the way that most kids are, but if you’re lucky and your child finds the right role model then you may find that they at least don’t get themselves into too much trouble…

Take me for instance. When I was a young boy I wanted to be Optimus Prime. Thus I took it on myself to try and be as noble as possible and was always telling my friends to stop when they were getting up to trouble and I was always standing up to peer pressure. Optimus Prime certainly wouldn’t bully other children, or drink alcohol behind the bike shed!

Unfortunately Jackie Chan was also a great hero for me, which lead to my jumping from a bridge and breaking my wrist. So you see the right role model really can make a big difference to your child’s behaviour and school-life… and the reverse is also true.

So with that in mind, who’s a good role model for your children? Who should you encourage your children to read about and watch on TV? And who should you think about dressing up as (or hiring someone to dress up as) at your kids birthday parties? Here are some of the most stoic to try and encourage your children to get interested in…

Optimus Prime:

If you want your kid to be as well behaved as I was as a child (minus the jumping), then Optimus Prime will help set them on the path of righteousness. This is the guy who would rather fly himself into the sun than break his ‘honor’ and the guy who always puts his team first.


Superman is the original ‘boy scout’ Superhero. He believes in truth, justice and the American way. Best of all he ‘never lies’ – which is handy if you want to find out who has had their hand in the cookie jar/just generally avoid little fibs. Think of Optimus Prime as a kind of cross between a heroic knight and John Wayne. So he’s pretty awesome too.


Spider-Man is the ‘everyman’ hero, which not only makes him relatable, but also allows for lots of handy lessons on the importance of family etc. Spider-Man is another one of those heroes who always does the right thing with no hard ‘edge’ like Batman, but he’s also a very likeable character in general. All good traits for a kid!


Finally, if you want a hero who’s truly harmless, introduce your kids to Mario! He’s constantly smiling, always saving the princess and rarely ever resorting to anything we’d think of as violence… Just ignore his mushroom habit and he’s a great hero for kids!

The author of this article, Joshua Thomas, is an employee at Northford Ice Pavillion, well-known organizers of kids birthday parties in CT. Joshua loves gardening and maintains the garden at his home whenever he gets time.



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