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Things You Must Carry On A Camping Trip

family-campingMillions of people have been mesmerized by the beauty of nature, and each year families and individuals plan their next outdoor camping trip to enjoy the wilderness. Camping is one of those outdoor activities that is relaxing as well as rewarding. Nevertheless, it can get pretty daunting and difficult task to effectively prepare for an adventurous trip. To make the task easy, I have prepared the following list of essential items that you must pack for your next camping adventure.


Whether you like it or not, it will get dark at night. Although you might be a brave gladiator, humans can not see at night. You need a light source to navigate around, and a flashlight will make the task easy. Do not be tempted to get the cheapest model, and it is always effective to carry extra batteries.

Bug Repellant

Whether you are health conscious or not, you must not forget to carry an insect repellent on an outdoor trip. If you are out on a trip with kids, you can not take any chances. There are some serious threats out there and you must be well prepared.

Pocket Knife

How many times have you been in a situations where you wished you had a cutting blade? Whether you need to open a can of food or cut some ropes to built a tent, a knife is an essential camping tool. Find a blade made of high-carbon steel that can withstand rough use and corrosion. Brands such as Gerber and Cold Steel are of high quality. On a side note,  always remember to teach your family about knife safety.


Well, this is an obvious choice, and the most important item to have on a camping trip. Make sure you have learned to set one up in your backyard. Keep in mind that you will need one that is durable and reliable; read a couple of tent buying guides. If you are camping under extreme conditions, get one that is designed for severe weather conditions.


Weather is out of your control and to be fully prepared for the worst case scenario, you must equip yourself with a strong tarp. Depending on your budget, look for a tarp that is lightweight and tear resistant. You need something that can withstand rain.

Survival Kit

Its always best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Hence, a survival kit must always be packed to be utilized under emergency situations. Safety should be your number one priority. Its must to have essential tools, knives, para-cords, medications, and supplies that will keep you warm, safe, and healthy.

Camping Chair

If you are planning to have a peaceful camping trip, you definitely need a camping chair. You might think you can comfortably sit on a tree stump, but eventually, you will get tired. It is always better to sit on a clean chair than to sit on a wet, mossy tree stump.

First Aid Kit

Injuries and scars can sometimes become inevitable; it is must that you always prepare for the worst. Have a well-organized first aid kit that include enough quantities of bandages,  and you must always treat a wound promptly to prevent any kind of infection.


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