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How a Personal Alarm Saved a Child From Abduction


By Larry Zolna

Personal Alarms can help save someone’s life when they are in a threatened position. This is even more serious with children, especially in these dangerous days. This product, when triggered by pulling a strap or pushing a button, will sound a very loud alarm which will attract anyone’s attention who is nearby. And no abductor wants to take anyone when there are people around.

Here’s an example of how a Personal Alarm kept a boy from becoming a kidnapped victim:

John is a successful business man living in the suburb of the New York state with his wife and one son. One morning he woke up early, only to find that there had been an unscheduled heavy snowstorm during the night. Because of this storm the schools would be closed for that day.

What a happy day for John’s son, Jimmy – no school and Jimmy could go out and play in the snow.

Needless to say, Jimmy wolfed down his breakfast, dressed warmly and was ready to go out to have fun in the snow. “Just a minute, young man” said his father. “Do you have your Personal Alarm with you? Remember the rules your mother and I taught you when you are outside and there are strangers around. Because there is snow and a lot of kids sledding and having fun, there will be a lot of adults there also. Just be very careful not to go anywhere with them”.

“Don’t worry, Dad, I’ll be fine” said Jimmy. And off he went.

Jimmy was having a great time sledding down a big hill but at the bottom there was a man who asked the boy if he would like to go home with him and get some hot cocoa and cookies because he looked tired and cold.

“No, thanks” said Jimmy, even though the idea sure sounded good, especially after all that exercise but he took his sled back up the hill for another run.

At the bottom of the hill stood the same man approached Jimmy and asked him the same question, this time a little more forceful. Jimmy became scared and then remembered what his father had taught him and immediately triggered his Personal Alarm. This loud noise got the attention of all the parents at the bottom of the hill and they wanted to know what was going on.

As Jimmy was telling his story, one of the parents called 911 and the police arrived very quickly. They questioned the man and found that he, in fact, had a record of child molestation. He was then taken into custody.

Jimmy was lucky that day. Had he not remembered to take his Personal Alarm with him who knows what would have happened.

If you are a parent then please be sure that your children have a Personal Alarm with them at all times. It can be carried in a pocket or book bag or even attached to their coat for easy use. This product could save your child’s life and nothing could be worse than to lose your child!

If you would like more information about Personal Alarms, a product that can keep your child safe and secure from anyone wanting to abduct him/her or worse, then please visit: http://www.feelsafeandsecurenow.com/personal_alarms.html

Larry Zolna is an author of over 275 articles regarding home security products and self-protection products.

For more information about home safety and self-protection products which will keep you, your family and your home safe and secure, then please visit: http://www.feelsafeandsecurenow.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Larry_Zolna


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