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Fan Essay: I Had to Kiss My Sister’s Feet As Punishment!

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The following essay was written by Caleb Clarkson, a reader and new friend to Simpy Senia, after he read Cause And Effect – Why I Made My Son Lick His Brother’s Feet . Click Caleb’s image to read the original blog.

Hi everybody my name is Caleb Clarkson.  I was inspired by an article I saw on Senia’s Twitter about parents making their kids do funny stuff as a punishment.  It reminded me of a story that happened to me and this gave me the guts to share a story that happened to me.  So I want to share with you.

I have a lil sis who is currently 10.  I won’t tell you her name cause I don’t know if she wants me to.  But she is 4 years younger than me.  Well like most brothers and sisters one time we got in an argument.  1 year ago, we were playing Wii Bowling, and she was gonna win for the first time.  She was just trash talking me and I got really upset.  So when we got to the final frame she was clearly going to win.  I was 13 and she was 8 so this was going to be really embarrassing losing to a girl.  Especially my little sister.  So I told her the game was dumb and I hit eject so she wouldn’t win.  Well it wrecked our game.  It scratched it. And that was also her favorite game ever.  So she ran up to her room crying calling me a jerk.

So I was sitting on the couch, and my mom came down stairs and asked me what happened.  I told her and she got upset and asked me why I didn’t finish the game.  I said “I didn’t want to lose and she was bragging about winning”.  My mom said, “She’s your little sister, you should be proud of her and not go breaking games.  Do you have the money?” and I said no.  So she said, “Since you don’t have the game you are going to have to find a way to make it up to her.  I will talk to you later”.  I knew I was in trouble then.  Big trouble.

Well about an hour later, I was walking up to my room and tried to sneak past my sister’s room.  My mom and dad were still in there talking to my sister.  And my mom goes, “Caleb come in here for a second”.  So I walked in, my sister was mad and pouting at me.  My dad and mom were looking at me clearly upset.  My mom goes, “We figured out a punishment.  Sit.  On the floor”.  So I was like, “Ummm, why can’t I sit on the chair?” she said, “Nope, here.  On the floor.” And pointed to a spot in front of my sister who was sitting on the bed.  So I sat on the floor looking up at my sister, who started to smile.  And my mom was sitting next to her.  My dad went, “Well bud, have fun with your punishment.”  And left the room and said, “Be a man Caleb, make it up to her,” then shut the door.  Leaving just the 3 of us.

So I was kinda worried, and my mom said, “So you wrecked a game, and you made your sister upset.  Why did you do it?” And I said, “She was being mean and trash talking me and was going to win”.  My mom said, “You guys joke around all the time, were you embarrassed cause you were going to lose?” And I said, “Yes, it’s embarrassing.  She’s 8!” then my mom said that my sister is going to win sometimes and that I can’t be a sore loser.  Nobody wins all the time.  But we admit defeat and move on.  Makes us better.  Then she goes, “Well, now for your punishment”…

My sister started to smile at me.  And she goes, “Are you sorry for wrecking my game?” I said, “Yes I am sorry.  I shouldn’t have done that.”  My sister goes, “And I was going to win right?” and I looked down at the floor, and my mom goes, “Look Up Caleb.  Look her in the eye” and I remember looking up at their faces.  My sister smiling and my mom slightly upset.  I said, “Yes, you would have won. “ Then my sister goes, “So I’m the best at Wii Bowling?” And I said, “Yes you are the best at Wii Bowling.”  It was hard to say out loud.  I remember it being tough.  I thought that was my punishment.  And then my mom goes, “Alright, well Caleb.  Time to prove you aren’t a sore loser”.


At that time my sister lifted her foot up and my mom reached down and took her sock off exposing her barefoot.  Her legs were left dangling off the bed.  And my mom goes, “Caleb, your sister would have won fair and square.  Instead you were a sore loser and you wrecked her game.  You don’t have any money to pay her back.  So you are going to make it up to her.” At that time my sister raised her foot straight in the air so I was staring at the bottom of her foot and I could see both of them had smiles on their faces.  My mom goes, “Caleb, I want you to make it up to your sister, kiss her foot and apologize to her.  And when she accepts.  Your punishment is over”.

I thought she was kidding at first.  But I knew she wasn’t. I could tell.  I remember saying, “Really? Kiss her feet?” And my mom nodded and goes, “A big kiss.”  I looked at the huge smile on my little sister’s face and realized that they were serious.  That I was going to have to kiss her feet.  So I thought, I might as well get this over with and just do it.  So I took a deep breath and I felt my face turn bright red cause I was embarrassed.  And I leaned toward my sister’s foot.  I couldn’t look her in the face.  I knew she would have won.  I just looked down.  Didn’t want to make eye contact.  And then I heard my mom’s voice one more time, “Caleb look up and pucker up”.  I raised my head one last time.  Looked my sister in the eye and I went, “You are right, you would have won.  I would have lost.  I am sorry I wrecked your favorite game.”  And I closed my eyes, puckered up, and planted a huge kiss on the sole of my little sister’s foot.

A lot of laughter came from my sister and my mom just smiled in approval.  They kinda hugged while I sat there on the floor listening to the laughter of my sister.  And she went, “He really did it mom, he kissed my foot.  I won!”  My mom went, “Caleb, I hope you learned your lesson.  I’m sure you are embarrassed, but there are worse things than losing aren’t there? Especially a video game?” My mom was right.  If I would have lost it wouldn’t have been as bad as having to kiss my little sister’s feet while they watched.  I felt so defeated.  And I figured it couldn’t get much worse than this.  This was the most embarrassed I had ever been.  But I looked up at my sister and saw how happy she was.  She had the biggest 8 year old smile I’ve ever seen.  While I was embarrassed, she was SUPER happy.  And then I realized, that was the point.  Making her feel good and give her a big moment.  Her first victory.  She got that win over her big brother and it meant the world to her.  So…I made a decision.

As my mom and sister celebrated her victory my mom was saying goodnight my dad opened the door and goes, “Is it over?” and my mom laughed and said, “Yep, he did it.” And my dad goes, “So did you learn your lesson?” and I said, “I did.  But it isn’t over.” My dad just went, “Oh it’s not?” I said “No, cause you didn’t get to celebrate with her.”  And he kind of laughed, and he goes, “Well, what’s left?” We actually all laughed together which is when I realized that we were all happy again as a family.  I looked back at my sister, I grabbed her barefoot and raised it to the position it was in before, and said, “Don’t expect this every time you win from now on, deal?” and my sister smiled and goes, “What are you doing?” and before she could finish I puckered up and kissed the end of each one of her toes.  Of course my mom and sister laughed.  And my dad goes, “Well, I hope it is over now!” haha.  Again we all laughed.  Shortly after we all hugged, and then lastly my parents left the room telling us to start getting ready for bed.  I gave my sister a hug and said, “Sorry, I ruined the game”.  And she goes, “Sorry if my toes tasted bad.” Which we all both laughed, said goodnight, and went to bed.

After this punishment I learned to put myself in somebody’s else’s shoes and be happy for them.  I learned how to be humble.  And that no matter what, we can always find humor in the worst moments.  So nothing seemed so bad as having to kiss my little sister’s feet after she beat me in a video game.  It’s even a joke in our family now.  But I definitely learned a lesson that I hope you enjoyed.

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