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Travel Inspired Breaks From Mompreneurship


When my friend, Alicia, told me she was going to São Paolo, in Brazil, all on her own, my jaw just about hit the floor. When she told me why she was going, I had to dig a hole in the floor to allow my jaw to sink even lower.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was my friend, Alicia, mom of two, who lived a couple of miles south of Seattle, and who also ran a home-based business baking and selling cookies door-to-door. This was not some late-night hustler with a gambling problem.

Turns out, there was a whole other Alicia whom I’d never met. She’d started playing online poker once she’d put her kiddies to bed as it helped her unwind. She set herself a $100 a month limit, only gambling with ten percent of her stash at any time. She’d always been good with figures (she scored just under seven hundred on her math SAT) and found the number-crunching side of poker kinda came natural to her. She wasn’t cleaning up at the tables, but she was winning more than she was losing.

Then, she’d gained entry into some kind of tournament, and as luck would have it – she won! Her prize was an all-expenses trip to São Paolo to play in the Brazilian Series of Poker run by a poker site called Full Tilt! Apparently the prize for winning this tournament was entry into another tournament where the first prize was a jaw-dropping $1 million!

Well, Alicia didn’t win the million. She came back from São Paolo (looking a little too bronzed to my jealous eyes) having lasted about eighty minutes before her chip stack dwindled down to the big zip. She said she’d had the time of her life, and stressed how the break from her busy life had really revitalized her – although she was looking forwards to getting back to her babies!

Alicia’s experience got me thinking. Being a Mompreneur means far more work than it does play. I didn’t want to get to the end of my stint as a mom and home-based business runner all world-weary and jaded and wondering where the time had gone. Maybe an Alicia-inspired complete break from my normal life would do me the same kind of good it had obviously done for my friend.

So, in just over six weeks time I’m off to Japan. I’ve always had a love of all things Japanese, from those super-cute Hayao Miyazaki films (if you’ve never seen Spirited Away you’re missing a treat) to sushi and saki. I’ve always wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms, so I’ve booked myself a long weekend in Aomori, when the sakura should be in full bloom.

I can’t wait!


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