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5 Awesome Pillow Fight Strategies To Help You Win!

Pillow fights are one of childhood’s best memories for many of us. Having a no-holds barred pillow fight has been the greatest way to have fun at any pyjama party or sleep-over. Ah..childhood!

But pillow fights are not just about children in pajamas gently hitting each other with soft and fluffy pillows and giggling. This game can evolve into a serious fight for dominance and power too.

So what if the battlefield is your bedroom and all the arsenal you have is your pillow. A fight is a fight and victory tastes just as sweet. Oh, the thrill of defeating your friend/cousin/brother/sister in a pillow fight is indescribable and this does not diminish one bit just because you are grown up now, does it?

You never know when you may get the next chance to indulge in a pillow fight? Maybe tonight, when you tuck your children in, one might erupt spontaneously. Or when you go home for the holidays, you could plan one with your siblings. So it is best to be prepared with strategies to win.

5 Pillow Fight Strategies to Help you WIN

 The Key to Winning Pillow Fights

A classic way to have fun mixed with mild aggression, a pillow fight can be won too if you have the right strategies. Perhaps you have heard this popular military saying – battles are won in military HQ and not on the field. This is because strategy is crucial to victory. Only when the right strategies are rightly implemented victory is even possible.

So here are 5 awesome pillow fight strategies to help you win. Play it to win it

1.  Grip is Key

The first and foremost thing to take care of in pillow fights is your grip. Make sure you have a fairly firm grip on the pillow. Hold your pillow from the open end always, so that the pillow doesn’t end up falling from the other side. Hold the pillow from the corner with a little bit of the pillow and the pillowcase in your hand.


2. Be Prepared to Dodge

Keep yourself mentally and physically prepared to dodge Your opponent ( friend) is most definitely going to hit you sideways, hence it is advisable that you duck and dodge.


3.  Be Stable on your Feet

Your sense of balance is critical at all times. Never throw your entire weight behind the pillow and extend it too far. You might just topple over!


4. Mix Up your Attack Strategies

Keep changing your attack tactics so that you are not predictable. This will give you a greater advantage as your opponent will not know what to expect next.

5. Target your Opponent’s Pillow

This is a smart strategy. Instead of hitting your opponent, try to hit the pillow in their hands. Even though your force is not directly aimed at them, it will disarm them by making them lose control of their weapon  pillow). Once the pillow falls, you can hit faster and win! Pure genius, don’t you think?

What are your strategies for winning pillow fights? Do share with us.

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By Azzam Sheikh

This article has been written by Azzam Sheikh of Absolute Home Textiles, UK. Azzam is the unofficial pillow fight strategist and constantly working on identifying newer strategies for victory in pillow fights.



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