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Teens Who Want a Six-Pack Should Sprint


By Oliver N Chapman

Many teens, both male and female, would like to get a six-pack. Although a six-pack is most famous for being displayed on male bodies, a growing number of female teens are becoming of the hot, fit bodies of female celebrities in movies and on T.V. who have sexy six-packs, so many teen girls now desire a firm, flat tummy like their heroines.

Everybody has a six-pack but abs only become visible at below 10% body fat for males and below 15% body fat for females. Females must have greater percentage body fat than males to be healthy. A male at 8% body fat looks athletic but a woman at 8% looks like a living skeleton. If she has 13% body fat, she’s doing very well.

However, losing weight and doing ab exercises as a teen is problematic. Way too many teen girls go on a diet, rather than simply increase protein, lower their carbs and push weights, which is the quickest, easiest answer to most female weight problems. Also, both male and female teens are faced with issues such as whether weight training for abs is going to mess up their growth spurt and place unnatural stresses on growing muscles during puberty. There is also the issue of gyms often being 18+ only, which rules out treadmills and exercise bikes (unless you have the space, time and money to use these items at home).

The answer to these problems needn’t be high-tech. If you are seriously overweight, then some form of diet is a must, since fat loss is ultimately a “calories in, calories out” numbers game. If the number of calories going out is greater than the number of calories coming in, you will lose weight. However, is that weight you lose from fat, water or muscle? Losing water weight looks impressive on the scale but ultimately doesn’t mean much, since it doesn’t make any difference to the shape of your body if you still have lots of fat. Going on a crash diet will definitely shed fat in the short term but with it will also go a lot of muscle weight, too, which will make it easier to gain all the weight back on later.

Therefore I recommend that you start with body weight resistance training to keep you from losing muscle mass, plus do high-intensity cardio for fat loss. One of the best low-tech ways people of any age can burn off fat is by SPRINTING. That’s right, just running as fast as you can – preferably, up a hill!

Sprinting has been found to be hugely effective at creating fat loss in individuals of all ages, shapes and sizes and is one of the safest ways you can get a six-pack in record time! Just run on a straight or uphill surface for 20 seconds, then jog back. Do this 20 times and you’re done. Do this 3 times a week and you have an excellent means of burning off fat and revealing that sexy six-pack that you’ve always wanted! Hill sprints are preferably, since they bump up the intensity dramatically to create even faster results. Many online fitness experts swear by sprinting and these days it is becoming one of the most high-intensity cardio exercises around.

So get started sprinting and soon you will have the six-pack abs you have always wanted that you can show off in front of your friends!

Oliver Chapman is an up-and-coming expert in Personal Development who specializes in Health, Wealth and Relationships. This article belongs to Health. To discover all of “Olly’s Six Principles” to living your dream life, subscribe to his five-part e-mail series and ongoing newsletter giving tips and advice on how to live your dream life!

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