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5 Great Questions to Start Conversations With Your Family


By Michelle Klavohn

If I asked you to tell me about a time you had a very meaningful conversation with someone, what comes to mind?

When people recall the kinds of conversations that stick out, a few important factors emerge that make them vivid. First, the talk is unrushed. There is time to really connect, and the interaction stands as the priority. Second, almost all truly significant conversations take place between people who deeply care about each other. And last, the interaction covers a topic that really matters. Most memorable times of discussion go to a deeper level of connection than just daily life events, would you agree? Generally, the kind of memorable conversations I’m talking about are the type that cause a deeper level of connection between two people or cause some kind of important growth in one or the other individual.

A wonderful way to build a beautiful family and marriage involves the art of meaningful, connection-building conversation. The wonderful news? This skill is easily learned! Great interaction in a family is not reserved for just a few people who are amazing parents that have some super powers of connecting with their kids or spouse. They have simply learned a few skills that everyone can develop for use in their families, too. In an upcoming article, I’ll share additional secrets to create meaningful conversation at home, but for today, let’s focus on the first essential tool: a powerful question.

In addition to some of my own, a few conversation starters below come from Carin Kilby Clark, The Mommyhood Mentor. She has additional free resources on her website: http://mommyhoodmentor.com:

Tell me what makes you happy and why.

• What do you like best about our home?

• What’s one of the best days you remember? Why?

• What makes a good friend? Are you a good friend?

• If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

These kinds of talks can happen around a meal, at bedtime, or on a special date with your child or partner. Just make sure it’s a time that you can give each other focused attention and unrushed space for a meaningful interaction to develop if the opportunity comes.

Through the years, I have studied many great families. Without exception, they share the skill of meaningful conversation. In your gut, I’m guessing you know that few things are more rewarding in life than soulful interaction with someone you love. Why not pick one or two of the above, get intentional, and create a connection that is memorable with those you care about?

Family Coach, Michelle Klavohn, holds over 20 years in the field of Human Development. With a Master’s degree in Communication and 10 years as a Communication Educator, she equips families to close the gap between the family they dream of and the family they experience each day. A speaker and author, Michelle writes regularly for such pieces as Marriage, Inc., in the Chicago area and is a contributor to the Houston Family Magazine. She passionately pursues her vision to partner with families who want to thrive! Find out more at http://www.michelleklavohn.com

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