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How to Answer Questions About Being a Single Mom

single mom
By Rio Canete

To be in a situation where you have to play the role of both a mother and father all at the same time, is not easy. A lot of single mothers can definitely relate to how hard it is to go through life being the sole parent for your child.

Nonetheless, there are many successful single moms that were able to raise their children, without having a partner on their side. This is not to suggest though, that it’s far better to let children grow in families where only one parent is present.

However, as difficult as it is, single moms always find a way to do it by themselves. Although it takes extra effort day after day; with positive attitude, perseverance, determination and strong faith in GOD, things will get better along the way!

But just how many instances that a single mom encounters some questions from other people, that they don’t freely want to discuss at some point in time. Sometimes, no matter how much you try to avoid to share your personal current status, you will just find yourself being questioned out of the blue. Just how do you deal with it?

Below are some of the questions a single mom gets asked:

1.What a cute baby you have there. So, you’re married?

For people who do not know about your current personal status, this is the very first thing they ask to a woman with a child. If it is someone from a close relative, or close friend, more or less they probably know a little about the story. Your parents might have shared it to your aunts or uncles or cousins. So, nothing much to explain. However, if the question comes from a casual acquaintance whom you just happen to bump into at a mall, a simple “we’re not meant to be as a couple,” is fair enough.

2. Where is your husband?

If you were never married, you don’t have to divulge everything like how your relationship with your partner went sour and ended you raising your child alone. However, if you have just gotten a divorce, and the trauma it brings still haunts you that asking about your dear EX-husband is the last thing you want to hear from anyone; be as civil and as plain as you can by simply saying ” we’ve decided to go on separate ways.”

3. Where is your kid’s father?

If you and your kid’s dad are still on good terms, it’s perfectly fine to answer that you both have moved on and are now living separate lives. He is happy with his life and so are you.

4. Why have you become a single mom?

Yes, it’s not other people’s business to meddle on anyone’s personal life. However, some people out of curiosity, can’t help to zip their mouth. Hence, they asked. But, it is still up to you on how much of the whole story you can share to them.

5. How are you able to do it on your own?

If you have a decent job, you can proudly say to anyone asking that you are doing your best to provide for your kid. If there are some family members helping you looking after your child while you’re. at work, give them the credits too.

6. Are you dating?

It is not something that you should be ashamed of. Just because you’re a single mom doesn’t mean you have no right to find a new romance. You may have stumble in the past, that does not define your future. In fact, it would even make you a better person and a better partner if you learn from your past mistakes.

7. Does your child know about his real father?

Whether you like it or not, your child has to know nothing but the whole truth. You may consider the right timing on when to spill the beans,because some kids may not be able to accept it positively right away.

8. Did your child already meet his father?

There are some single mothers who were left by their partner just after giving birth, or during the pregnancy and have not shown up since then. If this is your case, there is no harm in telling the truth that no they have not met, but you are looking forward to the day that it would happen. Even if you as the mother don’t like the idea of having them meet in person, don’t let your child suffer the consequences of whatever personal issues you may still have over your EX. Sooner or later your child will ask to see his father. So better be prepared for it.

9. Do you get child support from your EX?

If the answer is YES, then say so. If NO, no need to explain how come or why. Some people do not really care at all. They just want. to know but are not willing to help anyway.

10. Do you still talk to your kid’s father?

If the separation is on mutual agreement, chances are you may still have communication with your ex, mainly because of your child. If you broke up because of some more personal reasons that either both of you or one of you decided to cut the line, then it’s fine to tell the truth.

I am a mother, a blogger and an aspiring author. I work from home as a Virtual Assistant and occasionally write content articles for some websites. Writing is my passion. I have always wanted to write especially about my life in general. My goals, my daily struggles, my past misfortunes.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to visit my site at http://www.singlemomscoffeebreak.com. It’s a blog about single mothers all around the world, inspirational quotes, some parenting tips for single parents and a lot more. I am currently working on writing my very first book about single moms. Join me as I travel my journey reaching my dream of becoming a professional author.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rio_Canete



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