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3 Reasons You Should Not Over-Protect Your Kid


By Rio Canete

There is no perfect formula when it comes to parenting. Parents want to shelter their kids from every heartbreaking moment or situations to the extent of over-protecting them. The role of the parents is to teach the kids to live responsibly and become a well-rounded individual. However, as parents, how will you be able to help your child learn self-reliance and become well-adjusted adults without going overboard? Unless you let them explore, take risks and come out from their comfort zones, they will never learn things on their own. Life can be tough. Kids should learn to handle life’s setbacks and be able to manage things on their own. The sooner they learn this, the better for them.

Parents cannot and should not protect their kids from every little predicament to make them feel better. Our job is to offer them love, understanding and support. Let them deal with every little hard knock life hands out to them and be there to explain that pain and disappointment are a natural part of human existence. Doing everything for your children doesn’t help them become self-reliant. Rushing immediately to rescue them from a scraped elbow or getting their homework done by yourself because you want them to have the best shot in school, you deprive them the chance to acknowledge their own capabilities.

Here are 3 reasons over-protecting your child is not healthy:

1. Lack of Self-confidence

Kids who are over-protected from parents or their guardians are not able to recognize their own abilities thus, they have a hard time expressing themselves and interacting with the other people around them. Their self-esteem is very low.

2. Unable to develop independence

Because they think that they don’t have the capabilities to do things on their own, they end up being dependent to their parents to every little thing. They will never learn to deal with things if parents don’t let them. An over-protected child may feel that he is incompetent and may never accomplish anything in his life.

3. Low tolerance

If kids are sheltered and over-protected, they will always think that they are the center of the universe and that they will have a difficult time dealing with frustration, disappointment and anger. They will not be able to learn self-control. If a child understands on how to deal with emotions such as sadness, pain, fear, anger or frustration, most likely he or she will grow up to be compassionate, kind and loving.

The author is a proud single mom who runs a website about single mothers. Visit http://www.singlemomscoffeebreak.com/ for inspirational quotes, parenting tips, etc.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rio_Canete




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