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Senia Interviews Gabrielle Dela Cruz – Author of Teenage Love Spell: A Halloween Romance

Gabrielle Dela Cruz is a transgender woman, a former copywriter and an upcoming novelist who likes to write young adult fiction. She wants to touch young people’s hearts through her writing especially the kids who are currently being bullied in school.

She mostly uses her first crush as her inspiration for the books she writes.

She currently lives in Manila, Philippines with her brother, mom, cousin, a poodle, an aspin and countless adopted cats.

Gabrielle Dela Cruz

Gabrielle Dela Cruz

  • Is the book similar to your life?

In a lot of ways, yes. I’ve had a long time crush since childhood and I can’t seem to forget about him. Whenever I dream of something, I always picture him to be my “leading man” in those dreams. It’s kind of ridiculous but yes, Caitlyn and I share the same obsession with our crushes.

  • Have you ever been bullied?

Yes. I was bullied on 7th grade. The bully kept calling me a cat because of my eyes and the class would laugh at me because he’d constantly meow and tell me that I’m a cat. Looking back, it’s not a big deal to be called a cat, but the way my classmates laughed from his silliness was what hurt me most. All I could do was cry and nobody seems to care.

  • Is Halloween your favorite holiday?

Well… it’s at par with Christmas so I guess yes. In this ever changing world, I’m still glad that somehow, Halloween and Christmas brings out the innocence and novelty in me.

  • Did you fall in love at 15?

Love… well love came to me when I was 17 but crush… I’ve been having them since eight years old ha ha!

  • How did you come up with the concept for the book?

It’s loosely based on my childhood and I think that by sharing these type of stories, especially to kids who are being bullied in school, I’ll be able to make them feel like,”Hey, the world is such a bigger place outside these 4 walls of this classroom. If Caitlyn got her happy ending, I surely can have it too.”


Teenage Love Spell: A Halloween Romance

A debut novella of a yearly Halloween series is going to be free October 17th – 20th.
Experience true love for the very first time again with fifteen year old Caitlyn Cross, a
red-head witch who’s constantly bullied in school because of the color of her hair.

Learn how it feels to have a very strong power and fighting to use it against the bullies
in school with only love being your refuge.

You can find it here http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ODZ68UE

Here is where you can find me online.

Blog: www.gabrielledelacruzdaily.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gabrielledelacruzauthor
Personal Facebook: www.facebook.com/missgabrielleonline
Twitter: www.twitter.com/gabrielleonline



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