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10 Things Parents Must Never Say To Kids

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By Shalini Mittal

Children naturally look up to their parents. They believe that their parents know everything and therefore anything that they say is right and should be taken seriously. For this reason, parents need to be very careful with the things that they say to kids since they can change their look on certain things and life in general. Here are the top 10 things that every parent should avoid saying to children.

1. Good job – Even though it is important to appreciate kids when they do something positive, it can lead to making them dependent on parent affirmations for everything instead of their own motivation. The phrase can be replaced with another positive one, but one that goes further to show why the effort the child made was good.

2. It is okay – This is common even in situations where kids are in pain such as after bruising a knee. Instead of telling the child that they are fine and they will be okay, hug them and acknowledge the feelings at that moment before then offering help to make them feel better.

3. Practice makes perfect – This saying is good to keep a child devoted to be better in skills. However, it ramps pressure on the kids to excel and it can be frustrating when they keep practicing without eventually becoming the best. It is better to encourage hard work so they can be proud with any progress they make.

4. Hurry up – Even when you are running late, never amount too much pressure on a child trying to get something done without your help. It can be stressful and can end in dragging the child into learning something he was interested in earlier.

5. I’m dieting – Eating healthy is okay, but don’t make the child start having an image of an unhealthy body since it becomes easy to pick bad eating habits at an early age. You can make it sound better by showing the positives of eating healthier foods and exercising even in the presence of your kids.

6. We cannot afford that – It makes them feel like you don’t know how to control your finances and this can be scary for most kids. Make it more understandable to the child why you cannot buy what they want at that moment.

7. Avoid strangers – Crimes have gone up, but this statement might do more harm than good in certain situations. Children might even end up refusing help of firefighters and police in risky situations. Approach the matter tactfully so a child knows what kind of people to avoid.

8. Be cautious – This is common especially during play time. Instead of distracting the child in an activity requiring concentration, let them handle it the way they can until the end. This statement can actually lead to a fall as a child loses focus.

9. No trip till you attain position one – This among many other statements can suck the enjoyment of something your children have been looking forward to. They feel like you are punishing them before you can give them what they want. Reward hard work instead.

10. Let me help you – Even when a child is clearly struggling, don’t undermine their independence with the statement. Instead, offer guided hints to make him solve the problem independently.

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