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Parenting Tips

How to Discipline a Child with Creativity

child heads with symbolsPunishing a child is not an easy thing to do. Worse still, there is no single school where anyone intending to be a parent can attend to be trained how to discipline children. Thus most parents have learned this art through experience or perhaps through what their parents did. Consequently, some parents have inherited the old, barbaric and retrogressive methods of infringing physical pain on their children .Remember that the core objective of disciplining a child is to correct undesired behavior.

Let’s consider the following ways of creatively punishing children.


-This entails rewarding good or desired behavior. A parent ought to commend a child if and when they act well.

-Recognize and appreciate the positive behavior, mannerisms or conduct the children exhibit at home, school, in the neighborhood. This recognition can take various forms ranging from verbal compliments, taking them out for a movie ,giving them extra play time etc.

-One of the key principles of reward is immediacy. Do not take long time to offer positive or negative reinforcement.

-Always remember that disciplining a child is not often a matter of reprimanding them over the things they do wrong but also recognizing that they are behaving well in some areas. This will go a long way in developing and encouraging good behavior. Let them know that good behavior can be rewarded.


-Sit down with the children and make them understand why they need to behave in a good manner. These should be a friendly discussion and the children should be free to express themselves .Avoid scheduling this meeting after a child misbehaves but rather in the family meeting, probably on a day out.

-During this meeting, a list of desired code of conduct should be made with possible punishments and rewards.


-This entails taking away a gadget, play instruments or privilege accorded to the children when they do not behave as expected.

-The children ought to know that this is the consequence that is attached to bad behavior. It should not come as a surprise.

-For example, if a child fails to do their homework because they were playing play station it would be an excellent idea to take it away temporarily.


-This should not be confused with use of corporal punishment and violence. Violence does not work at all. It turns children into violent human beings and deprives them of their confidence. The 21st century has limited space for violent individuals. It needs confident children and ones who uphold respect for oneself and that of others.

-This strategy includes giving children punishments that make them struggle, feel a little pain and thus provoke them to think about their mistakes. For instance, sending children for laps on the track, giving them push-up, press-up a tedious activity.

-Recognize that these exercises not only go a long way in correcting behavior but also improving their own physical fitness.

Remember that these approaches should be applied by both parents (if present) because parenting is not a one man affair. Discipling a child with creativity is a big thing. Any further discussions on this topic, you can please contact to the CSA phone number.

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