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7 Smart Ways to Raise Your Children Properly

instructions-fun-games-for-baby-good-badBy Obaro E Aziza

The family is a very important unit in every society, children get their strongest values from home. It is not uncommon for people to tell what the children will be like by simply observing their parents.

This articles helps you to understand some simple things parents can do to raise their children properly.

Be a role model

Parents are the first teachers that children have, they provide training and leadership for the children from a tender age. You can be sure that most of the values and traits that children display are developed from home. As a parent, you must be careful not to project the wrong values and behaviors to your children. Your children will do what they see you doing not what you tell them to do.

Address issues as they happen

As soon as you observe the wrong attitudes in your children, you should address the issue. You need to let your children know how you feel about such attitudes and the effects they may have on them. It is dangerous to ignore such attitudes because your children may interpret your silence as approval. Do not allow such attitudes become deep-rooted in your children before you address them.

Encourage openness

Encourage your children to be open about issues that affect them, encourage them to share their joys and concerns. I have seen instances where certain issues are forbidden in some home, this shouldn’t be. If issues are not addressed at home you can be sure they are addressed somewhere else, may be the media, their teachers in school or their friends. You do not want to be the last to know what is happening in your children’s life.


Know their friends

It is very important for parents to know the people their children associate with. A lot of bright children have derailed because they moved around with the wrong set of friends.Encourage your children to introduce their friends to you, and if you are not comfortable with the kinds of friends they have, politely discuss the issue.

Monitor their movement

While your children are still under your control, ensure you put their movement under control. Some parents give too much freedom to their young children, they let them stay late outside and go wherever they want. By the time these children grow older, it becomes hard for them to curtail it. There should be some restriction to their movement.

Use rewards and punishments appropriately

As a parent you need to learn what rewards and punishments work best for your children. You need to understand that every child is unique and one approach may not work for all children. Learn what motivates them and use rewards and punishments appropriately.

Avoid comparing them with others

Understand their individual uniqueness and appreciate them for who they are. When you start comparing them with others, you create a sense of inferiority and insufficiency in them. Do not let your anger push you to compare your children with others instead show them how they can become better.


We can build decent societies if parents build decent children. There is a strong link between family values and societal values. Parents must train their children properly for us to have stable societies.

Are you a parent or do you wish to become one someday? Did you find this article insightful and helpful? Please share with people who may need it.

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