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DIY Family Yearbook Instructions



• Paper (any kind as print medium)

• Glue

• Scissors

• Ring Binder

• Hole puncher

• Stored Photos

• Ink jet printer


  1. Sort and group photos (stored in the computer) according to occasion and time of event. Select the photos that will be added in the yearbook.
  2. Create a background design for each event. You can make your own designs using MS Paint or an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, you can download designs or templates on the internet to make things easier.
  3. Print out the photos by event together with the background designs. Do remember to print photos using a decent ink jet printer like Dell A960 to get the best results.
  4. Cut out the photos and glue 2 to 3 per page. Safety precautions should be considered before doing this step to prevent injuries. Be sure to cut evenly to make it look clean and attractive. Limit 2 to 3 photos per page so it won’t get too crowded.
  5. Punch holes on the paper using the hole puncher. Make as many holes as needed by your ring binder. Do remember that this will permanently be on the paper. It would be best to measure the spaces between the holes before punching. This is to avoid mistakes that may lead to reprinting the photos as well as the design.
  6. Check if the events are lined up chronologically and put them into the binder. You can also add some finishing touches. Furthermore, you can put a catch phrase or maybe a title on the front cover and the year the photos were taken.

via Printable Fun Craft – DIY Family Yearbook.

Front-page image courtesy of Abby Braman Photography.



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